AP American: Unit 1 Test

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  1. The Seven Years War did what two things for England?
    • confirmed commericial supremacy in N. America
    • cemented political control or settled regions in N. America
  2. Who were hurt by the Grenville administration legislation?
    small farmers from the north and south
  3. Colonial protests against the Townsend Acts resulted in
    parliment passing a second Stamp Act
  4. Tor F? the Tea Act of 1773 reduced price of tea to American colonists
  5. T or F? The First continental congress of 1774 denied parliment the right to regulate trade and tax in the colonies
  6. T or F? British official Thomas Hutchinson had his home ransacked by anti-stamp Act demonstrators
  7. T or F? The coercive (or intolerable) acts were a result of the Boston Massacre
  8. T or F? life expectancy in New England was higher than in England and the rest of British N. America?
  9. In 1638, Anne Hutchinson was deported from MA colony because...
    argued that elect should be only ones entitled to political/ religous authority
  10. Unlike Puritans, quakers rejected
    predestination and original sin
  11. T or F? The Mayflower Compac set forth principles of the Puritan religion.
  12. glorious revolution
    • Catholic king of England was overthorwn (James II)
    • William and Mary become joint soveriegns
  13. Mass Bay Puritans
    • serious and pious
    • created several seetlements (Boston=capital)
  14. the intolerable acts
    Created because of Boston Tea Party
  15. The Quebec Act
    • extended boundaries of Quebec
    • gave political rights to Catholics
  16. Flintlock Musket
    lighter musket: gave Indians edge over colonies
  17. John Looke
    wrote fundamental constitution for Carolina
  18. Boston Massacre
    • British gaurding taxation record building. Bostonians threw ice- shot fired
    • Result of Townson Acts
  19. The Olive Branch Petition
    John Dickson wrote letter to king saying everyone wanted peace
  20. currency act
    british took control of regulating colonial money
  21. port bill
    closed ports of boston until boston paid back tea party damages
  22. government act
    gave control of colonial go'vt to king
  23. new quartering act
    king could pick houses for royal soldiers to stay
  24. administration of justice act
    • moved trials to different places (esp. England)
    • hard for colonists to get to trials
  25. Lexington and Concord
    • 700 british regulators ordered to capture and destroy military supplies
    • colonists moved supplies and started militia
    • shot heard round the world
  26. 2nd continental congress
    managed war efffort "defacto" not official but accepted
  27. siege of boston, result of, lasted, resulted in
    lexington and concord, 11 months, all British troops out of Boston
  28. 1st continental congress, met in, who didnt attend, what was agreed on
    • Phili
    • GA
    • boycott british goods, halt exports to British
  29. Puritan communities, characteristic, social unit, centered around
    • close knit
    • social unit: town
    • common area pasture etc
  30. Thomas Paine
    • made contribution to Enlightenment
    • wrote comprehensive pamphlet which stirred up colonists
  31. Stono Rebellion
    • uprising in SC
    • 100 blacks tried to escape
  32. Navigation Acts
    • closed colonioes to all trade except carried by English ships
    • goods from Europe to colonies taxed
    • duties on coastal trade
  33. King Phillips War
    • conflict between pequot indians and settlers in CT valley
    • indians almost wiped out
  34. The Townshend Program
    imposed taxes on goods imported to colonies
  35. John Rolfe
    1st to grow tobacco
  36. Charter of Liberties
    • est a rep. assembly in RI
    • allowed Delaware to seperate from RI (same governor)
  37. Cotton Mather
    Puritan who encouraged inoculation of Small Pox
  38. Thomas Hutchinson
    • pro British aristocrat
    • house pillaged and destroyed by American rebels
  39. Tobacco Economy
    • boom and bust
    • lots of land and labor required
  40. The Gaspee Incident
    • British repealed Townson Acts
    • colonists burned gaspee: british ship looking for untaxed goods
  41. Anthony Cooper
    persistant proprietor of Carolina
  42. Plantation Economy
    • precarious
    • in south
    • landowners lived in rough cabins
  43. Fundamental Orders of CT
    • created independent colony in Hartford
    • gov't similar to Mass Bay, but more men could vote (no women could)
  44. James Oglethorpe
    founder of GA
  45. starving time
    winter of 1609-1610 in VA (Jamestown)
  46. Act Concerning Religion
    MD act granting religous freedom to all christians to attract more settlers
  47. George Calvert
    • first Lord Baltimore
    • died while negotiating for land in America
  48. Fundamental Constitution for Carolina
    • divided colony into counties and est social hierarchy
    • developed differently than Looke's plans
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