MGMT 399 Exam 1

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  1. Why is the bar getting higher?
    better quality, higher productivity, lower cost, and the ability to respond quickly to customer needs are more important than ever
  2. How effectively an organization meets the wants and needs of customers relative to others that offer the similar goods and service
  3. Organizations compete through some combination of their _______ and ________ functions.
    marketing and operations
  4. Marketing's Influences
    customer wants and needs, pricing, advertising and promotion
  5. Why do some organizations fail?
    Neglect operations strategy, failing to take advantage of strengths and opportunities, failing to recognize competitive threats....
  6. Hierarchical planning
    mission, goals, organizational strategies, functional strategies, tactics
  7. reason for an organization's existence
  8. states the purpose of the organization and should answer the question of " What business are we in?"
    mission statement
  9. ________ statement serves as the basis for organizational goals
    mission statement
  10. provide detail and the scope of the mission and serve as a basis for organizational strategies
  11. a plan for achieving goals and serves as a roadmap for reaching the organizational destinations
  12. overall strategies that relate to the entire organization and support the achievement of organizational goals and missions
    organizational strategies
  13. strategies the relate to each of the functional areas and that support achievement of the organizational strategy
    functional level strategy
  14. the methods and actions taken to accomplish strategies the "how to" part of the process
  15. the actual "doing" part of the process
  16. the special attributes or abilities that give an organization a competitive edge
    core competencies
  17. Effective strategy formulation requires taking into account
    core competencies, environmental scanning (SWOT)
  18. successful strategy formulation also requires taking into account
    order qualifiers (meet the minimum standard) and order winners (is better than the competition)
  19. Key external factors that affect strategy
    economic conditions, political conditions, legal environment, technology, competition, markets
  20. key internal factors that affect strategy
    hr, facilities and equip, financial resources, customers, products and services, technology, suppliers
  21. the approach, consistent with organization strategy, that is used to guide the operations functions
    operations strategy
  22. strategy that focuses on quality in all phases of an organization
    quality based strategy
  23. a measure of the effective of resources, usually expressed as the ratio of output to input
  24. productivity measures are useful for
    tracking an operating unit's performance over time, judging the performance of an entire industry.
  25. factors affecting productivity
    methods, quality, capital, management, technology
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