Anatomy Suffixes

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  1. A-, An-
    without, lack of (apnea--without breath)
  2. ab-
    away from (abnormal, abductor)
  3. Ad-, Af-
    to, toward (adductor, afferent, adhesion)
  4. Ana-
    up, back again (anabolic)
  5. Anti-
    against (antisepsis)
  6. Apo-
    away from (apochromatic--abnormal color)
  7. Auto-
    to do with self (autolysis, autopsy)
  8. Bi-
    relating to two (bifurcation (separation into two branches)
  9. Brachy-
    short (brachycephalia--short head)
  10. Brady-
    slow (bradycardia, bradypnea---slow breathing)
  11. Circum-
    around (circumflex--winding about, circumcicion)
  12. Con-
    with (congenital--born with)
  13. Contra-
    against, opposite (contraception)
  14. Crypto-
    hidden, concealed (cryptorchid--undescended testicle)
  15. Cryo-
    cold (cryotherapy)
  16. De-
    away from (dehydrate)
  17. Dextro-
    right (dextrocardia--pertaining to the right side of the body)
  18. Di-
    twice, double (diplopia--double vision)
  19. Dia-
    through, apart, across ( diaphragm, diapadesis)
  20. Dys-
    bad, difficult (dyspnea--breathing, dysphagia--eating)
  21. E-, Ex-, Ef-
    out, away from (eviscerate--remove viscera, efferent)
  22. Ec-, Ecto-
    out, outside (eccentric, ectopic---out of place)
  23. Em-, En-
    in (encephalopathy---any brain disease)
  24. Endo-
    within (endometrium--inner lining of uterus, endoscope)
  25. Epi-
    upon (epigastric)
  26. Eu-
    well, good, normal (euphoria, euthyroid, eupea)
  27. Gravis-
    heavy (gravida--pregnant woman)
  28. Haplo-
    single, simple (haplodermatitis--simple inflammation of the skin)
  29. Hemi-
    half (hemiplegia--paralysis on one side)
  30. Hetero-
    other, different (heterogenous)
  31. Homo-
    same (homogenous)
  32. Hydro-
    wet, water
  33. Hyper-
    over, excessive (hyperplasia--excessive formation)
  34. Hypo-
    under, deficient (Hypotension---low blood pressure)
  35. Idio-
    peculiar to (idiopathic--disease of unknown cause)
  36. Im-, In-
    in, into (infiltration)
  37. Im-, In-
    not (immature)
  38. Infra-
    below (infraorbital--below eye socket)
  39. Inter-
    between (intercostal--between ribs)
  40. Intra-
    within (intraocular--within the eye)
  41. Iso-
    same, equal (isometric, isotonic)
  42. Leuko-
    white (leukocyte)
  43. Levo-
    left (levocardia--left side of the heart)
  44. Mal-, Malus-
    bad (malignant, malformation)
  45. Mega-
    large, great (megacolon--large colon, megaloblastic)
  46. Meso-
    middle (mesoderm)
  47. Micro-
    small (microglossia--small tongue)
  48. Mono-
    one, single (monochromatic)
  49. Multi-
    many, much (muliparous--having given many births)
  50. Necro-
    having to do with death (necrosis, necropsy)
  51. Neo-
    new (neoplasm--literally-new formation)
  52. Oligo-
    few, little (oligouria--formation of little urine)
  53. Opistho-
    behind, backward (opisthotic--behind the ears)
  54. Ortho-
    straight, normal (orthopnea--able to breath only in upright position)
  55. Para-
    beside, by side (paraplegia--paralysis of both sides, parathyroids)
  56. Per-
    through (percutaneous)
  57. Peri-
    around (periosteum--membrane around the bone)
  58. Poikilo-
    varied (poikiloderma--mottled skin, poikilothermic)
  59. Poly-
    many, much (polymyalgia--pain in many muscles)
  60. Post-
    after, behind (postnatal--after birth)
  61. Pre-
    before, in front of (prenatal)
  62. Pro-
    before, in front of (prognosis--foreknowledge)
  63. Pseudo-
    false (pseudostratified)
  64. Re-
    back, again (regurgitation)
  65. Retro-
    backward, located ( retroperitoneal--behind the behind peritoneum)
  66. Sclero-
    hard (sclerosis--hardening, arteriosclerosis)
  67. Semi-
    half (semilunar--half moon)
  68. Sub-
    under (sublingual0
  69. Super-
    above, upper (supernatant)
  70. Supra-
    above, upper (suprarenal)
  71. Steno-
    narrow (stenosis--narrowing or constriction)
  72. Sym-, Syn-
    together, with (synapse, symphysis)
  73. Tachy-
    fast, swift (tachycardia)
  74. Trans-
    across, through (transection)
  75. Tri-
    three (tricuspid--heart valve)
  76. Xero-
    dry (xerodermia--dry skin)
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