Multicellular and Unicellular

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  1. Give an example of Unicellular organism that gets food through vacuoles
    An Amoeba - A protozoan of freshwater
  2. Give an example of a Unicellular organism that gets food through photosynthesis
    A Chlamydornonas- A motile, unicellular alga of freshwater habitats that is rich in amino acids
  3. Unicellular organism found in animals
    Escherichia Coli- a bacterium in animals intestines of animals e.g. humans
  4. Characteristics of a unicellular organism
    An Organism that carries out the essential functions for life inside the confines of a single cell
  5. Characteristics of a Multicellular organism
    • - Many cells
    • - Carries out essential functions of life within organisms
  6. What are the essential functions for life?
    • - Respiration
    • - Ability to feed
    • - Excretion
    • - May move
    • - Division

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Multicellular and Unicellular
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Biology Cells

what are they and what are the differences
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