Child Maltreatment

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  1. Physical abuse is what percentage of CPS cases?
  2. Two definitional standards:
    • Harm standard
    • Endangerment Standard
  3. Harm Standard
    • More traditional
    • Focus is on the injury of the child; a lasting mark.
    • Example push kid down so hard that he breaks his arm.
  4. Endangerment Standard
    • Focuses not only on the injury of the child but also the possibility of injury (intent)
    • Focus is on the perpetrator's behavior
    • "threatened with harm"
    • Example: push kid down but he doesnt break his arm.
  5. Physical indicators of physical abuse
    • location of injury (leg, arm back?)
    • nature of injury (what does the bruise look like?)
    • Extent/severity of injury
    • Does the injury fit with the explanation given?
    • Is the child's age/developmental stage consistent with injury (4 month yr old shouldnt have injuries, they cant walk/crawl)
  6. Behavioral indicators of Physical Abuse
    • Unusual wary of phyiscalcontact with adults (flinching)
    • Frightened of parents/ scared to go home
    • Regressed behavior
    • Flat affect when theyve been hurt (either they are used to it or parents threatened them when they did cry at home)
    • Implausible explanations for injury
    • Habitually absent from school
    • wearing inappropriate clothes
    • Saying they are accident prone/walks awkwardly
    • Delinquency among older ones
  7. Consequences of abuse
    • Medical
    • Itellectual/academic (maybe just from missing school so frequently)
    • Cognitive (language, thinking creatively
    • Externalizing/Internalizing behaviors
    • Psyciatric illness (depression PTSD)
    • Social/interpersonal -lacking connections with others
    • Long term outcomes

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