MGMT 399

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  1. part of a business organization that is responsible for producing goods and services
  2. the management system or processes that create goods and/or provide services
    operational management
  3. what are the basic functions of the business organization
    marketing, operations and finance
  4. a sequence of activities and organizations involved in producing and delivering a good or service
    supply chain
  5. products are typically neither purely service- or purely goods- based
  6. consists of all activities directly related to producing goods or providing services
    operation function
  7. Why is managing services is challenging
    service less structured, higher customer contact, low skill levels, hiring new workers with low skill level-entry level position, high employee turnover, input variability higher, performance influenced by outside factors
  8. consists of all activities directly related to producing goods and providing service
    operation functions
  9. primary function of a operation manager is to guide system to decision making types of decision making
    • system design decision
    • system functional decision
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