Verbs (5)

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  1. aprender
    to learn
  2. comprender
    to comprehend
  3. decir
    to say
  4. empezar
    to begin
  5. enseñar
    to teach
  6. entender (ie)
    to understand
  7. explicar
    to explain
  8. pensar (ie)
    to think
  9. pensar en
    to think about
  10. poner atención
    to pay attention
  11. terminar
    to finish
  12. hecer preguntas
    to ask questions
  13. tomar apuntes
    to take notes
  14. poder (ue)
    to be able to
  15. saber
    to know how to (do something)
  16. apagar
    to turn off
  17. apagar inciendos
    to put out fires
  18. arreglar
    to fix
  19. atender (ie)
    to wait
  20. atender mesas
    to wait on tables
  21. ayudar
    to help
  22. calificar
    to grade
  23. contar
    to count
  24. cortar
    to cut
  25. cortar el pelo
    to cut hair
  26. cuidar de
    to take care of
  27. entrar al trabajo
    to start work
  28. escribir a máquina
    to type
  29. ganar dinero
    to earn money
  30. pintar
    to paint
  31. servir (i)
    to serve
  32. sirve
    he serves
  33. sirvo
    I serve
  34. tratar
    to treat
  35. vender
    to sell
  36. archivar
    to archive
  37. asignar
    to assign
  38. defender
    to defend
  39. examinar
    to examine
  40. programar
    to program
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Verbs (5)
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