massage therapy

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  1. prepare the treatment area
    standard 1
  2. inform the client of fees and obtain agreement to a fee sched
    standard 2
  3. wash hand and skin that will has come in contact with client
    standart 3
  4. interview the client to obtain treatment goals
    standart 4
  5. risk identification and management for an outbreak of infections diseases
    standard 5
  6. obtain update and record the clients Health History
    standard 6
  7. consent
    standard 7
  8. determine the clients condition by conducting assessment/ re-assessment
    standard 8
  9. determine if massage therapy Tx is indicated
    standard 9
  10. treatment and treatment plans
    standard 10
  11. pre/post treatment protocol
    standard 11
  12. draping, undraping the client for Tx
    standard 12
  13. recommended self care
    standard 13
  14. client health record
    standard 14
  15. use of personal protective equip during Tx
    standard 15
  16. discharge of client
    standard 16
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