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  1. what does JCAHO stand for
    joint commission on the accreditation of healthcare organizations
  2. accredits hospitals
    nongovernmental organization, charged by the government to inspect and regulate.
    inspects all aspects of hospitals every 2 years
  3. what does CAP stand for
    college of american pathologists
  4. lab based organization
    provides competency training materials
    volunteer based
    subscription based
    inspects hospitals every 2 years
  5. what test measured digoxin?
  6. what kind of test measures phenobarbital
  7. what test measures glucose over a 3 month period of time
    Hemoglobin A1C
  8. what test looks at RBC, WBC, platelets, and WBC differential?
  9. what test looks at RBC, WBC, and platelets?
  10. what test looks at RBC, WBC, platelets, and WBC differential and hemoglobin and hematocrite?
    H & H
  11. what test looks at the the speed RBC's settle?
  12. what phase of coagulation: there is vasoconstriction, vessels respond by trying to reduce blood flow to the area
    phase 1: vascular phase
  13. what phase of coagulation: platelets de-granulate and clump together (aggregation) and stick to area of injury (adhesion)
    phase 2: platelet phase
  14. what phase of coagulation: platelets release specific compounds which tell the body to send specific coagulation factors that help form a fibrin mesh
    phase 3: coagulation phase
  15. what phase of coagulation: the clot pulls together in an attempt to pull the torn edges together
    phase 4: clot retraction
  16. what phase of coagulation: the final repair is going on, new cells are produced and new tissue is generated. the clot dissolves over time.
    phase 5: fibrinolysis
  17. list the 5 phases of coagulation
    • 1) vascular phase
    • 2) platelet phase
    • 3) coagulation phase
    • 4) clot retraction
    • 5) fibrinolysis
  18. how long ofter collecting a UA should it be delivered to the lab
    60 min
  19. what's the most commonly collected body fluid
  20. type of UA when using a dipstick or pregnancy test
    random type of collection
  21. what type of UA is used for culture or urine pregnancy
    first morning
  22. what does UDS stand for
    urine drug screen
  23. what type of UA is used for culture and UDS?
    timed collection
  24. what is the name for a sticky zip lock for collecting from small children equal to a clean catch
    wee bag
  25. what's the mini cath used for
    gives sterile specimen for women only
  26. what circumstances would interfere with blood samples
    hemolysis, lipemia, and icterus
  27. 8 original waved tests
    • (pub menfo)
    • Urine pregnancy
    • urinalysis
    • blood glucose by home approved meter
    • microhematocrite
    • ESR
    • non-automated hemoglobin
    • fecal occult blood (FOBT)
    • ovulation
  28. what does FOBT stand for
    fecal occult blood test
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