Literary Vocabulary List #3

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  1. anecdote
    a short narrative (story) used in a longer work or speech to make a point, often humorous
  2. denotation
    the specific, exact meaning of a word; a dictionary definition
  3. connotation
    the emotional and mental implications a word many carry; implied or associated meaning for a particular word
  4. ellipsis
    • in grammar, the omission of a word or words necessary for complete construction but understood in context. Indicated by the sign (...) or by a dash (--)
    • "to be or not to be... that is the question"
  5. haiku
    a 3-line Japanese poem that presents a clear picture designed to arouse a distinct emotion and spiritual insight. usually the lines consist of 5, 7, and 5 syllables. "In the amber dusk/Each island dreams its own night./The sea swarms with gold."
  6. epiphany
    an awakening; a sudden understanding or burst of insight; the anagnoesis in Greek plays
  7. crux
    the most crucial line(s) in a poem or prose passage; the part that best shows the main point
  8. juxtaposition
    the positioning of ideas or images side by side for emphasis or to show contrast, usually without further comment from the author
  9. zeugma
    a figure of speech in which a word stands in the same relation to two other terms, but with a different meaning. "He bolted the door and his dinner"
  10. shift
    a change in a passage created by a syntax (often by punctuation or a conjunction) or by diction
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