Parts of Speech

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  1. Noun
    Names a person, place, thing, or idea.
  2. Pronoun
    Takes the place of a noun.
  3. Antecedent
    The words or word that a pronoun replaces.
  4. Verb
    Express action, occurrence, or state of being.
  5. Verbals
    Are verb parts functioning as nouns, adjectives, or adverbs.
  6. Infinitive
    Verbals: to + verb
  7. Past Participle
    Verbals: -ed
  8. Present Participle
    Verbals: -ing
  9. Adjectives
    Modify nouns or pronouns that is they describe or limit.
  10. Adverb
    Modify verbs, adjectives, adverbs and clauses.
  11. Descriptive adverbs
    • 1. most/most, less/least
    • 2. adjective + -ly
    • 3. very, always, not, well
  12. Relative Adverbs
    Introduce adjective clause: where, why, when
  13. Conjunctive adverbs
    Modify by creating creating logical connections to give words meaning.
  14. Preposition
    Are words that convey relationships, usually in time or space.
  15. Prepositional phrase
    Preposition and words it modifies.
  16. Conjunction
    Connects words, phrases, clauses.
  17. Coordinating conjunctions
    Join two or more grammatically equal words, phrases, or clauses.
  18. Subordinating conjunctions
    Introduce dependent clauses
  19. Direct object
    Noun, pronoun or group of words acting as a noun that receives the action of a transitive verb
  20. Transitive verb
    When an object is necessary to complete the verb's meaning. Has an "direct object".
  21. Indirect object
    Noun, pronoun, or group of words actings as a noun that tells "to whom" or "for whom" that action expressed by a transitive verb was done.
  22. Complements
    Renames or describes a subject or an object. Appears only at "predicate" sentence.
  23. Subject Complement
    Noun, pronoun or adjective that follows a linking verb.
  24. Object Complement
    Follows a direct object and either describes or renames the direct object.
  25. Modifiers
    Word or group of words that describes or limits other words. Appear on subject and predicate of a sentence.
  26. Appositive
    Word or group of words that renames the noun or pronoun preceding it.
  27. Phrase
    Group of words that does not contain both a subject and a predicate.
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