Mayan Archaeologists

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  1. Dennis Puleston
    • Tikal
    • Experimental archaeologist (discovered chultuns were used for ramon nuts)
  2. Barbara Voorhies
    • Cerro de las Conchas
    • Studied hunter-gatherer activity
  3. Richard Hansen
    • El Mirador
    • Discovered sacbe (roads) linking Calakmul and Nakbe to El Mirador
  4. M. Blake & J. Clark
    • Paso de la Amada
    • Thought the building was the home of a polygamist chief because there were two of everything (and it was the biggest hosue)
  5. Richard “Scotty” MacNeish
    • Caves of the Tehuacan Valley
    • Teosinte domesticated into corn
  6. William Saturno
    • San Bartolo
    • discovered the famous pre-classic mural (~100BC) depicting the corn god on the north wall
  7. Rebecca Storey
    • Copan
    • studied bone fragments to see if people buried in caves were equals
  8. Bill Sanders
    • Copan
    • Worked with Rebecca Story, supports her findings but says we need to study live populations
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