EXAM 1 -History

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  1. Stagment society include (Age of Exploration)
    Nobility - Clergy - Peasants
  2. Famine during the Age of Exploration
    Black death
  3. Where did the Black Death start and how did it get here?
    How many people died?
    • Started in the east and came through the silk road on fleas
    • 30-60% of Europe
  4. Religion of the Age of Exploration
  5. Avocated the faith of Islamic cross North America
  6. Stopped and defeated Muslims
    Charlie Martel
  7. in the Middle Ages during which several Christian kingdoms succeeded in retaking the Muslim-controlled areas of the Iberian Peninsula
  8. 1212, Northern Spain, the beginning of theh removal of muslims
    Battle of Las Navas De Tologa
  9. 1270 -1295 - Japan - Cathay- Culture spices- buildings covered in gold, cinnamon, cloves (italy) silk worm
    Vogage of Marco Polo
  10. the business man, high class, vigigotes
  11. "Rebirth of Learning" -Art, Literature, music learning
  12. Who wrote the Printing Press
    Johann Gutenburg
  13. Sailed west and Sov. from Greenland -sighted the coast of now N. Foundland in North Canada
    Leif Erikson
  14. What did the Norseman find when they arrived to America
    Vineland - Markland - Helluland- Hostitile people, and no way to make money therefore they didnt stay
  15. How do we know that the Norseman where in America
    History of Hamburg
  16. Who was the most important people from the Nations of Eploration
  17. "Sea fairing people"
  18. Who was the captian for Portugal?
    Vasco De Cama
  19. Who refused Chris Columbus (twice) for funding
    Kind Joano II
  20. Who was the treasure of Aragon? And what was his duties
    • Luis De Santangel
    • In charge of queens money and funded Chris. Columbus Vogage
  21. A Genoa Itailan
    Christoforo Colombo
  22. Wrote a book that replacited C.C Trip
    Sam E. Morrison
  23. What are the 3 G's that were sailed for
    Gold, God, Glory
  24. Who were two of Christopher Columbus' gf
    • Dona Maria Moniz
    • Beatriz De Hernando
  25. What did Columbus want for his voyage?
    • 1/10th of the cash
    • Governor of all discovered land
    • Abernal of the Sea
  26. What were the 5 Vessels of the C.C. Vogage
    Santa Clara, Nino, Pinta, La Gallege, Santa Maria
  27. What was the reward for spotting land?
    • silk doublet
    • 10,000 annuity
  28. Saw land first at 2 am Oct 12, 1492
    Got the silk doublet but no annutiy
    Rodrigo De Traina
  29. What was the land what was found by Chris. Columbus (what is it called today / what did he call it / what did the Taino Indians call it)
    Watling Island / San Salvador / Guanahani
  30. What indians were known for carrying herbs (Tabacco and Hamocos)
    Tarino Indians
  31. What types of weapons were used by the indians
    • Banner stone
    • Throwing stick
    • ATL ATL
    • Arrowhead
    • Sabo
  32. What was instrument was used to calculate by using a series of strings
    Quipus Strings
  33. Aztec indains from central america, cultivation, and had a sophisticated calender
  34. Indians in columbia and was conquered by Gonzalo Quezada
  35. From Peru , Fransico Puzarro in 1530
  36. What defeated the Native Americans
    war, work diisease ( small pox and flu)
  37. What is Encomendero system and who used it?
    Labor system used by Spain
  38. What is a hacienda system and who used it
    Land system later used by Spain
  39. A massive rebillion led by the Pope' 15 year fight before spaniards eventaully reestablished (knotted rope)
    Pueblo Revolt
  40. North American indians, Hohokam, Anasazi, Southweset US - Stone Boiling
  41. North American indians, Hopewell 500 BC moundbuilders in N. East US
  42. 4 Major Linuistic groups of Eastern US
    • Iroquis Confederacy
    • Algonquin
    • Muskhogean
    • Siouan
  43. Who founded New England 1497
    John Cabot
  44. 1569 - Military Gov. of Iraland, Munster Rebellion, "Line of Heads" "Discourage to Passage to Cathay"
    Sir Humphry Gilbert
  45. Spice island voyage , 4,000% profit, Golden Hind, Drake Circumnavigated globe (1577-1588)
    Sir Frances Drake
  46. Gilbert's half brother - Plan for settlement was Roanoke Settlement (Lost Colony) CRO "crotaon indians"
    Sir Walter Raliegh
  47. Lost Roanoke is also know as
    Lost Colony
  48. first angelo birth documented on the American colony
    (Name of Child / Mother)
    Virginia Dare / Elenore Dare
  49. What was the english motives for Colonization of the New World
    • Over populated land use!
    • No farming and herded sheep people where out of jobs and jails where getting full
    • Wool Market
    • Metals gold silver copper
    • Political rivials
    • Route to the indies
    • Religion and reformation
  50. Preacher/ Mercantist who wrote "Discourage Concerning Western Planting"
    Sire Richard Hakluyt
  51. Economic theory and system / commercailism
  52. Raw Material - Market for finish products - full employment - favorable trade balance - growing industry
    Treatise for the Queen
  53. Muscovy was mostly used for
  54. Levant was mostly used for
    Wool in M. Easdt
  55. African was used for
    Slaves gold cotton and wool
  56. Rule by "Divine Right" - commissioned the bible - ruled bc God put him there
    James I
  57. What was the first Joint Stock CO. of the Virginia Branch
  58. What was the 2nd Joint Stock CO.
  59. Who was hired for the London Co. and found land May 14th
    Christopher Newport
  60. What were the sealed orders for the London Co.
    • 100 miles where they were protected
    • "Overburthened with wood" do not go into forest
    • Stay healthy non warlike Indians lives
    • Navigable river
  61. What was the result of London Co.
    Found Jamestown
  62. What caused failure fro the Plymouth Co.
    • Weather and disease
    • Strict laws
    • Suspend Dale's Law
  63. Who wrote Slavery to Freedom
    John Hope Franklin
  64. Jamestown: When and why as it sucessful
    • 1607
    • 1. Tobacco 2. Private Prop 3. Family`
  65. Who ended starving time and how?
    John Rolfe, brought some tobacco seeds and planted them next to other tobacco which created a new tobacco called "Orinoco Tobacco"
  66. What was the general assembly of Virgina
    • The house of Burgesses
    • 20 geographic representation
    • Governor
    • 6 Concillors
    • Three Readings before passing
  67. 1st law passed for the Virgania Gov. required
    "no injury done to Indians whereby the present peace might be disturbed"
  68. Wrote 95 protest against the serious sins, took out the appocratha
    Martin Luther
  69. France to swiss, wanted to get it back like the beginning and purify and have congregation, as long as your God's he whill shine down on you there should be nothing but the bible that takes you away
    John Calvin
  70. Married his brother's widow for geopolitical and military reasons, Created the the Anglican church (Quakers, Presbyterian, Separatist)
    Henry VIII
  71. What is the common name for Separatist and Noncomforist
  72. 1602 , Scrooby Notinghamshire forest , William Brewster
  73. 1608, Amsterdam later Lyden, Saincts "dutchifcation"
  74. What are the serious sins
    • Usury
    • Simony
    • Indulgences
  75. What is the sin called that is loaning money to make money
  76. What is the sin called when buying and selling of the church office
  77. What is the sin called when have people pray for you if you give them money
  78. Religous leaderd who "set up a meeting apart on Lord's day" Set up his own church
    Thomas Lyford
  79. Religious leader was called "the lord of misrule" / Maypole
    Thomas Morton
  80. Religous leader
    "comely young women"
    Later had two wives made inquiries
    Sir Christopher Gardiner
  81. 1631 a puritian theologian with a Cambrigde education , son if tailor/merchant
    "soul liberty" religious errors punished with religious weapons
    Denied the right of king to grant title of soil
    Attacked "puritain oligarchs"
    Roger Williams
  82. Was an antinomian thinker - not bound by civil law but by God's direction to the individual - the holy spirit directs you Inner Law - stressed "Holy Spirit" less on strict moral rigif code
    Anne Marbury Hutchinson
  83. This reduces the authority of Puritan male leadership
  84. When was the sabbath in purtain new england
    Sundown Saturday - Sundown Sunday
  85. Where was the meeting house and what how did it look
    • "a slightly location"
    • lozenge shaped window oiled paper
    • Bellcony, segrated
  86. How were people called to meetings and when
    drums, horn, shell, flag @ 9
  87. How where the meeting maintained
  88. Laws such as " Profanation of the Lords day shall be punished by fine, imprisionment or corparal punishment..." " no one shall travel cook...etc"
    Blue Laws
  89. How long were the services
    9 - noon
  90. Salem Mass 1684 - 92
    "The Woeful Decade"
  91. "the believer of the supernatural
    James 1st
  92. Four elements of convictions
    • Magistates assuming guilt
    • Accused struggling to respond to question
    • Afflicated demonstrated torment
    • Audience involvement in Commentary
  93. "Stood mute" pressed to death
    Giles Cory
  94. "Let us all say Amen!"
    Rev. Timonthy Culter
  95. "Faithful Narrative" Talked from the heart not from reading gave an emotional appeal
    Rev. Jonathan Edwards
  96. Traveled all over the colonies to preach
    Problem: preachhed in the south and thought slavery was good
    Rev. George Whitefeild
  97. "preaching to the heart heart rather than to reason"
  98. Results of the Great Awakening
    • Education, Ivy League School
    • Music, Psalm singing
    • Socialization, democrations
  99. Principles the mainland colonies: when what and who
    $ - 1607 - Tobacco - English - John Smith
  100. Principles the mainland colonies: when what and who
    New Netherland
    $ - 1613 - Furtrade, grain - Dutch - Peter Stuyvesant
  101. Principles the mainland colonies: when what and who
    Religion - 1620 - Grain, fishing - The English
  102. Principles the mainland colonies: when what and who
    New Hampshire
    $ - 1623 - Fishing, wood, foodstuff - England - Jon Mason
  103. Social Status porteity ,trade, fiance, transportaiton, large land owner
    "better sort"
  104. Social Status small farmer, small business, layer surgeon physician
    "middle sorts"
  105. Why was Jamestown almost a failure (7)
    • Built on a low island
    • Surrounded by swamp
    • little avaible drinking water
    • water was either salty - infested with mesquitos with diseases
    • body flux
    • Starving Time
  106. What made Jamestown a success (4)
    • John Smith was the leader
    • - made rule that anyone who didnt work couldnt eat (people started to plant food, build shelter, and fences)
    • -Made peace with the indians
    • -New Tobacco
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