Russia notes

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  1. 7 economic tigers
    Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand
  2. What does USSR stand for?
    Union of Soviet Socialist Republic
  3. What is the largest continent?
    Eurasion continent
  4. What is the central country of Eurasia?
  5. Who came up with the heartland theory?
  6. What is the theory that whoever controls the heartland will control the eurasian continent and whoever controls the eurasion continent controls the world?
    the heartland theory
  7. what is the heartland?
    the central country of a continent specifically Russia for Eurasia
  8. When did people start paying attention to Russia?
    after WWII
  9. How much of the world did the old USSR take up?
    1/7 of the world
  10. How much of the old USSR did Russia take up?
  11. How many different time zones would you go through if you went from Lenigrad to Voldestak
    11 time zones
  12. 85% of Russia is above the latitude of what american state?
  13. What is the area east of the Ural Mountains
  14. What is the average temperature of Verkhoyansk in February
    • 60 degrees below zero
    • * record was 90 below zero
  15. What is the evergreen forest called around Verkhoyansk?
    Taiga Forest
  16. What is the name for permantly frozen ground that's been there from the last ice age (10,000 years ago, OE)
  17. What do cities in Siberia do when they can't have cement sidewalks because of the cold?
    They make board walks
  18. Where is the great resource reserve in the world that just hasn't been tapped yet?
  19. What is the deepest lake in the world?
    Lake Biakol
  20. How do they want to tap the natural resources in Siberia?
    Take the transiberian railroad up the the north to make extraction easier
  21. What is the name for the project that is trying to extract the resources from Siberia?
    the BAM project
  22. Who said "Go west young man, go west."
    Horace Greeley
  23. What was considered the new frontier of Russia
  24. On what land form are there a few natural resources but not much
    the Kola Peninsula
  25. What river creates a swamp that is over 1/3 the size of America
    the Ob river
  26. Why did Cosmonauts have to carry guns in their capsules?
    because if they landing they would have to fight off the wolfpacks
  27. Why can't Russians tap into the oil in the swamp caused by the Ob River
    because the oil pipes are old and leaking
  28. Who did Russia turn to when they got away from the USSR
  29. Is Russia a nation state or just a state?
    just a state
  30. How many different cultures and tribes are there in Russia?
    over 100
  31. Where do a lot of the tribes make their home?
    the euro mts., the tundra and far east
  32. What area in Russia would really love to break away but Russia won't let them? *they have rebels making lots of issues
  33. What are some examples of what the Chechnyan rebels have done?
    • held an elementary school hostage
    • Moscow subway bombing
    • raided a crowded theater
  34. Name a country that starts with 'D' that wants to break away from Russia
  35. What is another word for a "dukedom"
  36. What title did the royal family originally give themselves?
  37. What did the locals call the Royal family in Russia?
    the Russe
  38. People from what country married into the Ivans?
  39. Who are the people that came from the Steppes of Russia and were wild horseman related to the Mongols?
  40. what is the term for a mixture of people?
  41. What 6 people groups came together to become the original Russians?
    • the Royals or Russe
    • Lithuanians
    • the vikings
    • Novagrod
    • Ukraineans
    • the Cossacks
  42. Who were the 2 famous Ivans, and what different title did they start to go by in the 1500's?
    • Ivan III and Ivan IV
    • took the title Czar meaning emperor
  43. how many little kingdoms did the czars take over?
    at least 54
  44. what other title did Ivan III go by?
    Ivan the Great
  45. what other title did Ivan the IV go by?
    Ivan the Terrible
  46. Give 3 examples for why Ivan the Terrible was so terrible
    • he killed his own son in a fit of rage
    • on a rumor he destroyed a city
    • confessed he killed over 3,000 people
  47. People got together and decided to dump the Ivans, what family did they put in their place?
    the Romanov family
  48. When will the Romanoff's rule end?
    1917 at the beginning of the Russian Revolution
  49. During what time did Peter the Great rule?
  50. What was wrong with Peter the Great's half brother?
    he was mentally disturbed due to inbreeding
  51. Where was Peter the Great sent to by his half brother?
    the Gulf of Finland
  52. What was Peter the Great's first act after overthrowing his half brother?
    He knew they needed a port city so he made St. Petersburg and made it the capital
  53. Who did Peter the Great hire to build the port?
    builders from Venice
  54. Why did Peter the Great go to the Netherlands
    to learn how to build ships
  55. What kind of government did Peter pick up from Europe?
    Absolute monarchy
  56. Who was the German Princess who was 11 years old when she married the czar of Russia?
    Czarina Catherine the Great
  57. How did Catherine the Great overthrow her husband?
    She slept around with a bunch of generals and guards, gained their trust, and declares herself czarina
  58. What is the name of the museum that Catherine the Great set up in Russia with tons of European artifacts?
  59. Why did Catherine the Great fight the Turks for the Black Sea?
    she knew Russia needed a warm water port
  60. What is the one set back the Russia's warm water port in the Black Sea?
    you have to go through Dardenelles and Bosporus
  61. When Russia really started moving west what areas did they take? at least for the time being
    They took Alaska and and the coast of British Columbia, but America "purchased" Alaska back
  62. How long did the experiment with Communism last?
    lasted for 67 years
  63. What was the first about the Russia o' Japenese war?
    The first time an eastern power ever beat a western power
  64. How did Japan succeed in beating Russia
    • the climate in Russia was so brutal
    • it took months to get supplies across Siberia
  65. What did Russia do to the railroad after the Russia o' Japenese war?
    they built a spur line around lake Biakol
  66. What was wrong with Nicolas II as a ruler
    • He loved to have a good time, but he didn't know how to lead
    • He was dominated by his wife
  67. What was wrong with Nicolas II only son?
    he had a blood disease called hemophylia
  68. Who did the czarina bring when her son was found to be sick?
    a spiritualist by the name of Grigori Rasputin
  69. What were the letters written between Nicolas II and the keiser of Germany nicknamed?
    Nikki Willy letters
  70. What were the feelings of Russians toward their government after WWI
    they didn't like the czar anymore and a lot of unions broke out
  71. What is another name for The War Years (1917-1921)
    The Russian Revolution
  72. Who were the Red Russians
    the Bolsheviks
  73. Who were the white Russians?
  74. What were the 3 groups involved in the Russian Revolution?
    • the Bolsheviks
    • the Mensheviks
    • the Royalists
  75. Who started Communism?
    Marx and Engels who were German
  76. Who tried to bring democracy to Russia?
  77. What was the first attempt at a change in goverment after the Czars?
  78. How long did the attempt at democracy last in Russia
    9 months
  79. Who started the Communist party in Russia during the time of democracy?
  80. Who wanted radical overthrow of the Russian government
    the Bolsheviks
  81. Who wanted the Russian government overthrown in a somewhat peaceful way?
    the Mencheviks
  82. How did Lenin get the economy going again after the Russian Revolution?
    NEP- the new economic policy
  83. What important event happened in Russia in 1923
    Lenin dies
  84. Who took over after Lenin died?
  85. What did Stalin do with communism in Russian?
    he made it the strict policy
  86. Where was Stalin originally from?
  87. What happened if you were suspected of betrayal in Russia during Stalin rule?
    • you were killed
    • sent to Gulags (workcamps)
  88. How were things produced in Russia during communist rule?
    • State Farms in the country
    • factories in the city (controlled by Moscow)
  89. How long were the plans devised in Russia during Stalin rule
    • 5 years
    • 7 years
  90. What famous leader wanted the Heartland?
  91. How was Hitler defeated at Staligrad?
    He was expecting to be there for a month and was forced to be there for 9. It turned into winter, and the German troops couldn't deal with it.
  92. When was Russia finally recognized as a superpower?
    the summer of '42
  93. How many Russians died at Staligrad?
    1 million people
  94. What did we discover about Russia during 1945-1948?
    That they had a hidden agenda
  95. Who developed the containment policy?
  96. What countries did we stop Russia from getting?
    • all of Korea
    • Greece
    • Turkey
  97. What was the Cold War a battle between?
    Communism and the free world
  98. Who took over after Stalin?
  99. What was Khtushchev's background?
    he was an agricultural agent
  100. What concepts did Khrushchev come up with (2)
    • the virgin land concept
    • garden plots
  101. What are the virgin lands?
    the Steppes
  102. Why did the virgin land concept not work in the end?
    They grew too much wheat and didn't take care of the land or rotate the crop and they ended up dealing with a huge dust bowl
  103. What was a garden plot?
    a plot of land that was used to feed your own family and if you had a little extra you could sell it on the black market
  104. What in essense was the garden plot?
  105. What was producing more food than the state farms
    the garden plots
  106. Even though garden plots were a poison to communism why did they keep them?
    cause if they didn't have them the people would starve and if they were starved they would rebel anyways
  107. When did Russia fall?
  108. Was Russia still a superpower in 1990?
    • Military was superpower
    • everything else was 3rd world country
  109. How was the black market started?
    the garden plots
  110. What Russian leader finally ended Communism?
  111. What area in Russia is considered the land of opportunities?
  112. What is the largest country in the world?
  113. What are 4 reasons why Russia was a military superpower?
    • Silohs
    • submarines
    • world's largest military
    • nuclear war heads
  114. What are 3 things Russia struggled to develop after the fall of communism?
    • capitalism
    • democratic republic
    • agricultural reform
  115. What is the triangle created by St. Petersburg, Kiev, and Irkutsk called?
    Slavich Poor Land
  116. What country bordering Russia hates Russia and wants to even take some of its land?
  117. What Russian city is compared to our Detroit and why?
    Nizhniy Novagrod because of cars
  118. What Russian city is compared to San diago and why?
    Vladivostok because of military and naval
  119. What Russian city is compared to New York and why?
    St. Petersburg because it is cosmopolitian
  120. What was Russia's attempt to keep the provinces, now countries, together after the fall of the communism?
    The Commonwealth
  121. What were 2 reasons why Russia didn't want to lose the areas around them?
    • they had a lot of natural resources
    • they had strategic positioning
  122. How did the Ukraine instantly become a military superpower after the fall of communism?
    They had a warm water port with nuclear siloh's
  123. Who made a deal with the Ukraine that if they disabled their silohs they would help them rebuild?
    President Clinton
  124. Why did Russia not want to lose Azerbaijan?
    because they had a huge amount of oil in Baku
  125. What countries make up the Caucuses?
    • Georgia
    • Armenia
    • Azerbaijan
  126. Which 2 countries have a huge geographical problem and why?
    • Armenia and Azerbaijan
    • because Armenia is Christian and Azerbaijan is Muslim and they have some Armenians in Azerbaijan and part of Azerbaijan is on the other side of Armenia
  127. How old does Georgia claim some people are in their country?
    over 130 years old
  128. What 4 reasons are given for why people in Georgia live so long?
    • They live in the mountains so they have a good cardiovascular system (heart)
    • their main diet is yogurt
    • they drink red wine
    • the family unit counts, they are cared for
  129. What area is an experimental area for many researchers?
  130. What states in the US could you put together to get the size of the caucus countries?
    • Maine
    • Maryland
    • South Carolina
  131. What is an archipelago?
    a series of islands
  132. What country is an archipeloga?
  133. How many islands make up Japan?
    • 4 large islands
    • 3 small ones?
  134. How would you compare the length of Japan to the US?
    The bottom most island would be Florida and the top most island would be Maine
  135. What is the size of Japan?
    about the size of the 13 original colonies
  136. How much of Japan is made up of mountains?
    about 4/5
  137. What is the leading country in ocean development?
  138. What percentage of Japan is usable farm land?
  139. What percent of Japenese land is terracing?
    3% used for rice patties
  140. What is the term for growing more than one thing in the same area at the same time?
  141. What is an example of intercropping in Japan
    • they have rice patties
    • minnows grow in the water in the patties
    • sweet potatos are grown on the dikes that hold the water in for the patties
  142. What has Taiwan placed in the world of economics for the last 25 years?
    between 4th-7th
  143. Between which two countries has our debt back and forth?
    • China
    • Japan
  144. Who are the older people in Japan?
    the Inu people of the north
  145. Which Asian country does not have a lot of ancient history?
  146. What is the realistic date of how old Japan is?
    1660 BC
  147. Where did Japan get its people from?
    people came over from the Asian countries by Korea
  148. Who did the Japanese claim was their first emporer?
    the son of the sun goddess, Jimmu Tenno
  149. What is the symbol on the Japanese flag?
    the rising sun
  150. What do the Japanese claim they have the longest of?
    the longest line of a royal family
  151. What happened in Japan from 600-700 AD?
    there was a huge change in military leadership
  152. Why couldn't they kill the royal family?
    because they believed they were gods
  153. who was the leader of the military take-over?
    Shogun general Isima
  154. What were Japanese military soldiers called?
  155. What did the Japanese do with the royal family since they couldn't kill them?
    they basically put them house arrest in their palaces
  156. During the time of the shoguns Japan was a lot like what other era?
    the midevil times
  157. What era of Europe did the Japanese really get scared of and therefore shut themselves off to the world?
    the age of exploration
  158. What religious group showed up in Japan?
    • the roman catholics
    • jesuits
  159. How many Japanese converts were there gestimated?
  160. What traditional Japanese religion did the Japanese converts affect?
  161. When was Japan first closed off to the rest of the world?
  162. What 2 things were not allowed to happen in Japan during the time it was cut off from the rest of the world?
    • no ship could be made to handle the high seas
    • no ship could come into port
  163. What was the one ship that was allowed to come into the Nagasaki port in Japan?
    the Black ship from the Netherlands
  164. When did Japan finally open up again?
  165. What import era had take place while Japan was closed off?
    the industrial revolution
  166. What bay did comador Perry sail up to to demand Japan to open up?
    Edo Bay (tokyo)
  167. How long did comador Perry give Japan time to decide to open up?
    • 1 year
    • but he came back in 9 months
  168. How many ships did comador Perry bring with him when he came back to Japan?
    6 ships
  169. After the Japanese military leaders lost face who took over?
    young people and it was called the Meigi Restoration
  170. What did the Meigi restoration do?
    they took out the shoguns and brought the royal family back
  171. What is Japanese legislature called today?
    diet, like Germany
  172. When did the US become a world power?
    after WWI
  173. Who did Japan copy for their politics and army?
  174. Who did Japan copy for their Navy?
  175. What 2 cabinet members did the Japanese prime minister not get to pick?
    • head of the army
    • head of the navy
  176. what happens if the cabinet is not filled?
    the government collapses and they have to start over
  177. in 1895 the Japanese went after the Chinese in what war?
    Sino-Japanese war
  178. What land did Japan take in the Sino-Japanese war?
    • Manchuria
    • some other coastal regions
  179. in 1905-1906 Japan took on the Russians in what war?
    the Russo-Japanese war
  180. What country did Japan take on in 1910?
  181. What 2 new world superpowers do we have after WWI
    • America
    • Japan
  182. What territory was given to Japan after WWI?
    islands in the pacific from Germany
  183. what alliance forms in 1930
    • Berlin-Rome-Tokyo
    • Hitler-Mussolini-Tojo
  184. when did WWII start?
  185. When did we enter into WWII and why?
    1941 because of Pearl Harbor
  186. When was Pearl Harbor?
    December 7, 1941
  187. How was America getting sandwiched?
    Japan from the West and Germany from the East
  188. what is island hopping?
    charge island beaches
  189. who was the president who made the decision about dropping the atomic bomb?
  190. How many atomic bombs did we drop?
  191. Who was the only country to have an atomic bomb dropped on them?
  192. We told Japan to turn their aggression from military to what?
  193. At one point what percentage of the buildings in New York did Japan own?
  194. The fact that Japanese workers work till the job is done and rarely quit that job shows what kind of mentality
  195. Why was there a very high suicide rate amond Japanese students?
    because school was your life and if you didn't pass you didn't move on in life
  196. What size are some of the largest farms in Japan?
    10 acres
  197. What is the size of an average farm in Japan
    2 and a half acres
  198. What was the first population policy created by Japan called?
    The Protection Ugenic Act
  199. How many different religions do they have in just tokyo alone?
  200. What are 2 major relgions in Japan?
    Buddhism and Shintoism
  201. What are 2 things that Japan copied from America that were bad for their health?
    • fast food
    • tobacco
  202. due to Japan bring fast food into the country what has gone up?
    heart disease
  203. What is the large green area that surrounds Tokyo? and the beset agricutural area
    Kanto Plain
  204. What are 2 centers for industry in Japan?
    • Tokyo
    • Yokahanna
  205. What sea is huge for industry in Japan?
    Inland Sea
  206. What are the incredibly fast trains in Japan?
    bullet train
  207. How did Japan get a lot of its resources?
    from the territory they acquired
  208. What is Japan precariously sitting on top?
    3 tectonic plates
  209. what are the plates that touch Japan a part of?
    the circum pacific ring of fire
  210. What resource does Japan have that could be a serious issue with earthquakes?
    nuclear power plants
  211. Every how many years does Tokyo get devistated?
    70 years
  212. Japan has a lot of earthquakes and a lot of what else?
  213. What is Korea's real name?
  214. What does Choson mean?
    land of the morning calm
  215. How did Korea start?
    3 tribes
  216. Which tribe took over in Korea?
    the center island and started dynasty
  217. What dynasty lasted for 600 years in Korea?
    the Yi dynasty
  218. What religions are big in Korea?
    Confusism, Buddhism, Toaism
  219. What indicates that the Korean war action is not over?
    • a treaty was never signed
    • 30,000-35,000 soldiers getting combat pay
  220. When Japan had control over what did they do to the Korean people?
    they preformed experiments on them?
  221. How long did Korea not have to govern themselves?
    from 1910-WWII
  222. What was the movement called when Russia came from the North and the US came from the South and cut off Japan?
    the pincher movement
  223. What was Russia doing while they were in the North?
    they made little communist cells while they were occupying the North
  224. What did the US do on August 15, 1948 in Korea?
    the established the Republic of Korea (ROK)
  225. What did Russia do on Semptember 9th, 1948?
    Communists created the democratic peoples republic of Korea
  226. What is Japan's real name?
  227. Who was considered by many to be the George Washington of South Korea?
    Sigma Rhee
  228. In South Korea where does most of the power still lie?
    ROK military
  229. Who was the first "president" of North Korea?
    Kim Il-Sung
  230. How long was Kim Il-Sung dictator of North Korea?
    from 1948-the 1990's
  231. How old was Kim Il-Sung's son when he took over as dictator and what had been his previous job?
    • he was in his 70's
    • he had been a movie director
  232. What happened on June 25, 1950?
    • North Korea invaded South Korea
    • a communist state invaded a free state
  233. which US president brought the issue of fighting in Korea to the UN?
    President Truman
  234. How was it possible that the UN voted yes to fighting to keep Korea free?
    Russia was not there to protest because they had boycotted the UN over a money issue
  235. Who did the UN and the US together pick to lead the action in Korea?
    General Macarthur
  236. What was another name for General Macarthur?
    the American Ceasar
  237. What sea in Korea did the troops come in on to pinch off communist forces?
    the Yellow Sea
  238. What was the setting like when Macarthur attacked Korea?
    it was cloudy and dark
  239. What issue cause President Truman to have to fire General Macarthur?
    He wanted to invade China, and he wasn't willing to back down
  240. The UN was winning the Korean Peace action until what point?
    the Chinese entered the war and they pushed the forces back down
  241. How long did the UN and Northern Korean forces go back and forth?
    2 and a half years
  242. How many UN soldiers died?
  243. What was the position of the boundary line both before and after the war?
    the 38th parallel
  244. In 1953 where did the conference take place between North Korea and and UN?
    Pan Mun Jom
  245. What was declared in July of 1953 for the Korean peace action?
  246. what does armistice mean?
    we're going to stop shooting at each other and we're going to sit at a table and talk
  247. How long have we been "talking" in Korea?
    till this day
  248. What is the strongest point in North Korea right now?
    their army
  249. When the Olympics were held in Sole who wanted to be a part of it?
    North Korea
  250. How many events did the olympic committee allow them to hold and what one was the most important?
    • 5 events
    • the marathon
  251. what was the one requirement that the olympic committee made of North Korea?
    they must allow spectators into North Korea to watch the games
  252. How far away is Sole from the 38th parallel via military jet?
    20 seconds
  253. What percentage of Koreans are Christians?
  254. How many Chinese Christians are there?
    250 million
  255. in what way in South Korea better than us according to Professor Jenkinson?
    their military
  256. Most young men in Korea have to serve in the army for how many years?
    2 years
  257. which of the 7 economic tigers is close allies with us?
    South Korea
  258. North Korea is on the US list for being what?
    a renegade or terrorist nation
  259. What is the country of Taiwan shaped like?
    a tobacco leaf
  260. Why is Taiwan not considered by some to be its own country?
    because China considers it a province of China
  261. Which of the 7 economic tigers is on of our strongest trading partners?
  262. What people in Taiwan wanted to be left alone?
    the tribal people
  263. Why did a lot of Chinese flee to Taiwan?
    Because Chine became a communist territory
  264. What did Taiwan used to be called?
    the Democratic Republic of China
  265. Who led the Democratic Republic of China?
  266. Who immediately accepted the the Democratic Republic of China as China?
    the US
  267. what is another name for mainland China?
    the people's republic of China
  268. Who at one time was the 4th largest trading partner with us?
  269. in the mid 1800's what wars were fought in Hong Kong?
    2 opium wars
  270. Where did the westerners originally have their warehouses in China?
  271. When China wanted the westerners out what did they do?
    They moved to Hong Kong and declared it theirs
  272. What area of Chine did the Portugese take?
    the Macal Penisula
  273. When was the 99 year lease created
  274. What was the 99 year lease
    The British leased the New Territory and Kowloon for 99 years
  275. When did the 99 year lease go up?
  276. What did Britain decide to do when the 99 year lease went up?
    They gave the land back to China and gave Hong Kong back as well
  277. What did Hong Kong become when the Communists took over?
    the gateway for trade into China
  278. what did Hong Kong become the Avenue for?
    illegal trade and drugs
  279. How many Chinese escaped to Hong Kong per month after the communists took over?
    15,000 people per month
  280. When did the Portugese give up Macal?
  281. What area in China still receives special economic privileges even now?
    Hong Kong
  282. What city is also a country?
  283. What country is gaining land from the ocean like the Netherlands?
  284. Where are there 200 pirate attacks annually?
    the striaghts of Mallocka
  285. Where did the British cut through during the age of exploration?
    the striaghts of Malaysia
  286. What did the British make along the straights?
  287. What man saw that the straight developments wasn't working?
  288. Where did Raffles develop a port?
    a swampy land at the end of the peninsula
  289. What is evidence that Singapore was a rough place?
    • gang warfare
    • sailors couldn't write their own names
    • 75% of people were 20 or younger
    • 75% were Chinese
  290. When did Singapore become independent of Britain?
  291. Who was elected as leader of Singapore who later became almost a dictator?
  292. How did Lee clean up Singapore?
    • if you bring drugs in you're sent to jail or shot
    • they still preform caning (23 times, telephone pole)
    • 500$ fine for spitting your gum on the sidewalk
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