Life & Family Phrases (7)

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  1. Sometimes my life in Japan is tough.
    Tokidoki nihon no sekatsu wa taihen (des)
  2. For example? Your work? Japanese languare?
    Tatoeba? Shigoto? Nihon-go?
  3. How is Japanese Habit / Custome?
    Nihon no shukan wa doh (des ka)?
  4. It`s different from America. Sometimes tough.
    Amerika to chigau. Tokidoki taihen (des).
  5. What do you think of Japanese culture?
    Nihon no bunka wa doh (des ka)?
  6. It`s wonderful. For example, Kabuki, Kimono.
    Subarashi (des). Tatoeba, Kabuki, Kimono
  7. How is your work in Japan?
    Nihon no shigoto wa doh (des ka)?
  8. Sometimes tough, but I like it.
    Tokidoki taihen (des), demo suki (des).
  9. Is Saturday your day off?
    Doh-yobu wa yasumi (des ka)?
  10. Mostly my day off. But sometimes I work.
    Daitai yasumi (des). Demo tokidoki shigoto.
  11. How is your work?
    Shigoto wa doh (des ka)?
  12. I'm busy alwasy, but no choice.
    Itsumo isogashi (des), demo shoganai (des).
  13. Are Japanese pizza and Italian pissa different?
    Nihon no pizza to Itaria no pizza wa chigau?
  14. Different, but Japanese pizza is delicious.
    Chigau. Demo nihon no pizza wa oishi (des).
  15. How is Japanese language?
    Nihon-go wa doh (des ka)?
  16. It's not easy. But I'm doing my best.
    Kantan janai des. Demo ganbari-mas.
  17. Today I have a lot of meetings. I'm busy.
    Kyo takusan kaigi arimas. Isogashi (des).
  18. Sounds hard. Good luck.
    Taihen (des ne). Ganbatte.
  19. How many people are in your family?
    Nan nin kazoku (de ka)?
  20. 3 people.
    San nin (des).
  21. Is your husband health?
    Go-shugjin wa genki (des ka)?
  22. Yes, (husband) he's fine.
    Hai, shujin wa genki (des).
  23. This is my wife.
    Kanai des.
  24. Nice to meet you.
  25. Is she your wife?
    Okusan (des ka)?
  26. Yes, my wife.
    Hai, kanai (des).
  27. This is Mr. Tanaka. He is my friend.
    Takaka-san des. Tomodashi des.
  28. Nice to meet you, I'm Henry.
    Hajime-mashte, watashi wa Henri san
  29. Who is he?
    Donata (des ka)?
  30. He is my friend.
    Tomodachi (des).
  31. It's a nice photo. Who are they?
    ii shashin (des). Donata (des ka)?
  32. How old?
    Nan sai (des).
  33. 5 years old.
    go sai (des).
  34. It was nice to meet you.
    Dozo yoroshiko.
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