Air Travel

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  1. what proper identification should be crried when leaving the country
    passport birth certificate, citizenship card, certificate of indin statues
  2. what procedure can you take advantage of when travelling abroad with valuable items
    CBSA identifiction services & stickers -form 738 indentification of articles for temporary exportation
  3. what suggested if you travel with jewellry that has any value
    Travel with as little as possble obtainian apprasal & photos written certification, bring report to CBSA
  4. what are some of the goods thta are restricted from being brought back into Canada, without proper consultation or Authorization
    firearms, weapons, fireworks, food, animals
  5. why are there restictions on bringing back into canada plants, animals ect
    items could carry bacteria & contaminants
  6. restrictions on the sale trade or movement of endangered species -examples
    • sea otter
    • american bisen
    • polar bear skin
  7. illegal souvenirs
    • elephant tusks
    • snake skin
    • trutle shells
  8. what does the term DUTIES mean
    Can include excise taxes & the HST does not include provincial or territorial sales tax.
  9. After absence of 24hrs or more
    $50 no Alcohol or Tobacco
  10. After n absence of 48hr or more
    $400 some Alchol or tobacco
  11. After an absence of 7dys or more
    $750 alcohol or Tobacco
  12. what quantity of tobacco products are you allowed to bring into Canada and during what time frame.
    all-with personal exeption 200 cigarettes 50 cigars 200 grams of manufactred tobacco, 200 tobacco sticks
  13. what quantity of alcholic beverages are you allowed to bring back
    one of the following--1.51 liters of wine 1.14 litres of alcohol & liquor. 24-355 milliliters cans bottels beer-ale
  14. what are the regultions in reagrds to sending gifts back to friends in Canada.
    not be more thaan $60 , no tobacco, Alchol or advertising.
  15. upon your return to Canada, what are you expected to declare
    all goods acquired while outside Canada gifts prizes award or purchases.
  16. There are certain custom procedures to be followed when arriving into a mejor airport. what are two formalities that could happen.
    • decleration form
    • more detailed insepection
  17. what haappens if goods re not declared or falsely declared.
    CBSA can seize goods fee to get them back
  18. What may happen to the Vehicle that has unlawfully imported the goods.
    must pay penalty to get it back
  19. prohibited goods such as
    • obsene material
    • hate propagranda
    • child porn
  20. travelling with medication
    • Keep in original labeled bottels
    • fly with medications in your carry on
  21. Jet leg
    Tired feeling that occurs after long- distance travel. physical reaction to rapid change in time zones.
  22. causes of jet leg
    • Lack of sleep
    • unfamilair foods
    • recycled air
  23. symptoms of jet leg
    • fatigue
    • swollen limbs and eyes
    • headaches
    • cold-like
  24. Hepatitis A
    • a viral infection of the liver, found world wide
    • transmitted by food water
  25. Hepatitis B
    transmitted through infected blood and other body fluids
  26. Typhoid fever
    • infection of bowel and blood.
    • found world wide.
    • transmitted through hepatitis A
  27. Cholera
    • spread through not heated or boil point food or water
    • fever and vomitting
    • two injections- one week apart good for 6 months
  28. Yellow fever
    • Fever, jaundice and vomitting
  29. Meninggococcal Meningitis
    • Bacterial infection of the Coverings of the Brain
    • Transmitted by coughing
    • found in certain are world-wide
    • Sub-Saharan Africa
  30. West nile Virus
    • Fever, muscle weakness, stiff neck, confusin, severe headache, sudden sensitivity to light
    • use repellents with Deet
  31. Travel counselors must check for their clients
    • recent health regulations
    • latest H-R of any counrty the client will travel enroute
    • Latest canadian health requirements for returning from the countries destination
  32. Type of notice -level of concern-In order
    • In the news
    • outbreak notice
    • trave health precaution
    • travel health warning
  33. The term -SCOPE
    The size, magnitude and rapidity of spread of an outbreak.
    • rememeber to drink
    • exposure
    • sunburn
    • protection
    • exertion
    • cancer
    • tolerance
  35. food and water precuations
    • water and beverages that have been boiled
    • wash hands frequently with soap and water
    • brush teeth with botteled water
  36. Travellers diarrhea
    • most common illness affecting travellers
    • ingeasted of food and water
    • SYMPTOMS-abdominal cramping. bloating, fever, urgency and malaise
  37. preventing travellers diarrhea
    • boil it
    • cook it
    • peel it
    • or forget it
  38. Tourist Visa
    Person ust visiting the country (a vaction traveller) no business activity can be undertaken
  39. Tourist card
    is similar to a visa, beacuse it serves as permission to enter into from a foreign country
  40. Difference tourist Visa and Card.
    • is issued in the form of a separate document, instead of a rubber-stamp impression.
    • Mexican tourist Card
  41. What customs services do
    • Enforcing immigration laws
    • eliminating drugs
  42. Duty-Free exemption
    Free of taxes at the place of purchace
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