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  1. Pagan
    Latin: one of a people or community observing a polytheistic religion.

    Pagus (Latin)= rural district. Paganus taken from pagus= villager, rustic, civilian.
  2. Picayune
    French: of little value, small, trifling

    Pikk(French)=beat, referring to coining of coppers .
  3. Heathen
    English: an unconverted individual of a people that do not acknowledge the God of the Bible; a person who is neither a Jew, Christian, nor Muslim.Heath

    (English)=untitled land, track of wasteland + en (English suffix)= made of, of the nature of.

    English: related to Heide(German), heithingi (old Norse) and haithno (Gothic)
  4. Swastika
    sanskrit: Svastika-s (Sanskrit) = being fortunate, from svasti-s well-being luck, from su -well + as -, root of asti (he) is from root of Latin esse to be.
  5. Moccasin
    Algonquian: A shoe made of soft leather worn by the American Indians
  6. Zero
    French/Italian: Absence of quantity
  7. Zenith
    Latin: highest point
  8. Berserk
    Norse: distructively or irrationaly violent
  9. Decimate
    Latin: to reduce drastically especially in number; to cause great destruction or harm to
  10. Engine
    Latin: a mechanical tool

    This word was used to describe ingenuity or a trick, but evolved into devices and machines as technology advanced.
  11. Buy
    Old English/gothic: believe, accept as true.

    Originally used before the 12th century as to believe, accept as true; now used as to acquire possession
  12. Khaki
    Persian: a dull yellowish-brown, a fabric made from this color.

    Word was taken from the Persians as a word for dust, but transformed into dusty, and then to describe the color that the clothes were made out of
  13. Punch ( drink)
    Sanskrit: five, for it originally having five ingredients.
  14. Weird
    Old English: something strange or generally has to do with the supernatural.

    originally meant to control a person’s fate or destiny.
  15. Karma
    Sanskrit: action, seen as bringing upon oneself inevitable results, good or bad, either in this life or in a reincarnation.
  16. Schizophrenic
    Modern english/Greek/Neo-Latin: a person who suffers from a mental disorder, psychotic reactions and mental disturbances.
  17. Rodeo
    Spanish: to go around.
  18. Galaxy
    Greek: Large system of stars.

    Meant brilliant assembly of persons, the technical astronomical sense emerged in 1848, then passed through Latin and Greek.
  19. Deity
    Latin: A god or godess.

    devine being
  20. Allagigator
    Spanish:cocodilian of the genus alligator.

    el lagarto= the lizard
  21. ANN(U), ENNI- (year)
    annual, biennial

    We light fireworks annually, in July, to commemorate Bastille Day.
  22. BELL- (war)
    bellicose, belligerent

    He was very belligerent-- always ready to fight over nothing.
  23. BI-, BIN- (two, twice)
    (two, twice)

    binary, bilingual

    The Dogon tribe, in Mali, always knew Sirius was a binary star system
  24. CENT-

    centennial, centenarian

    Front Range is not old enough to celebrate its centennial yet.
  25. CLAM-, CLAIM-
    (to cry out)

    exclaim, proclaim

    The master of ceremonies proclaimed us graduates!
  26. DIC-, DICT-
    (to say)

    dictionary, diction, dictate

    The teacher dictated the spelling words to the students.
  27. DU-

    dualistic, duel

    She was like Janus, always two-faced or dualistic.
  28. EQU-
    (equal, even)

    equate, equilateral

    Do not equate aid with kindness, if strings are attached.
  29. FID-
    - (faithful)

    fidelity, infidel

    Fidelity is important in any relationship
  30. FLOR-
    - (flower)

    floral, flora

    Tulips and daffodils make a lovely spring floral display.
  31. FLU-, FLUX
    (to flow)

    fluctuate, fluid

    The temperatures fluctuate wildly, here, in the winter.
  32. GRAV-
    - (heavy, serious)

    gravitate, gravity

    He did not understand the gravity of the situation.
  33. JAC-, JECT-
    - to throw

    reject, eject, trajectory

    The professor ejected the brat from the class.
  34. JUDIC-
    - (judgment)

    judicial, judicious

    One responsibility of the board was to be judicial in student cases.
  35. LOQU-, LOCUT-
    - (to speak)

    eloquent, elocution

    She was ultra-loquacious, talking all the time!
  36. MAN-, MANU-
    - (hand)


    You can open the can manually, if the electricity is off.
  37. MATERN-, MATR-
    - (motherly)

    maternal, maternity

    The sheep was very maternal towards the orphaned puppy.
  38. MORT-
    - (death)

    mortal, mortality

    Later in life, one comes to know his own mortality.
  39. NASC-, NAT-
    - (to be born)

    nascent, nativity

    Every year, there is disagreement over the nativity display.
  40. NOVEM-
    - (nine)


    November should be the ninth month, but it is the eleventh!
  41. VAL-
    - (strong)

    valor, covalent, ambivalent

    The Silver star is awarded for uncommon valor in the military.
  42. ab-, a- abs-
    - (away, from)

    • Absent, abscond
    • abstain
  43. ambi-
    - (both, around)

    • ambivalent
    • ambidextrous
  44. ante-
    - (before, in front of)

    • antebellum
    • anteroom
  45. circum-
    - (around)

    • circumnavigate
    • circumference
    • circumspect
  46. -able, -ible
    -(able to be)

    reliable, dependable, servile
  47. -acious
    - (tending to)

    • loquacious
    • liquid
    • fluid
    • fabulous
    • propitious
    • celebratory
  48. -acity
    - (quality of being or inclined to)

  49. -acy
    - (quality of being or having)

  50. -al
    -an, -ane
    -ic, -tic
    -il, -ile
    - (pertaining to)

    • mortuary
    • judicial
    • annual
  51. AQU(A)

    Aqualung, aquatic, aqua

    Jacques Cousteau invented the aqualung, so divers could breathe under water.
  52. BENE
    - (well, good)

    Beneficial, beneficiary

    Abiding by laws is beneficial to the entire society.
  53. CARN
    - (flesh)

    carnage, carnal, carnivore

    Animals that only eat meat are carnivorous
  54. CORD
    - (heart)

    Accord, concordance

    The diplomats were in accord on how to approach the problem.
    - (body)

    Corpse, corporation, corps

    The Peace Corps was started by JFK in 1961.
    - (to break)

    fracture, fringe

    The child fractured her clavicle by jumping from a tree.
  57. GRAD-, GRESS-
    - (to step, to go)

    Gradual, transgress, graduation

    Our evolution is gradual. Sometimes, it does not seem to be happening at all.
  58. JUNCT-, JOIN
    - (to join)

    Junction, juncture

    At the junction of the two highways, we turned south towards Colorado.
  59. MEDI
    - (middle)

    Medium, mediocre

    The restaurant was billed as fabulous, but we found it to be quite mediocre.
  60. MISC
    - (to mix)


    There were miscellaneous items belonging to my deceased uncle in the drawer, including his reading glasses.
  61. MUT
    - (to change)

    Mutate, mutable

    Harry Potter could mutate into various animals, depending on the spell chosen.
  62. NOMEN, NOM
    - (name, noun)

    nomenclature, name, nom de plume

    The woman’s nom de plume was George Sand.
    - (father)

    Paternity, paternal

    The child’s paternity was determined via DNA.
  64. PED
    - (foot)

    Pedestrian, pedal

    The crosswalks on streets are for pedestrians.
  65. PEL-, PELL-, PULS
    - (to drive)

    expulsion, expel, compel

    He was compelled to madness by great tragedy in his life.
  66. RUPT
    - (to break)

    erupt, disrupt

    The angry student disrupted class by throwing his textbook at the door.
  67. SANGUIN-
    - (blood)

    sanguine, sanguinary, consanguineous

    Sanguine refers to blood, but it also refers to cheerfulness
    - (to touch)


    The bee sting tingled after the initial bite.
  69. VID-, VIS
    - (to see)

    video, visual, vision

    Some students are visual learners and only learn by seeing illustrations.
  70. VOLV-, VOLUT
    - (to roll)

    revolve, involve

    The entire crux of the story revolved around the character’s origins remaining mysterious.
  71. con-, com-co-, etc.
    (with, together, very)

    Concurrent, community, cooperate
  72. contra-, contro
    - (against)

    Contradiction, contrary, contrast
  73. de
    - (down, off, thoroughly)

    Detoxification, demystify, deduction
  74. ex-, e-, ef-
    - (out, from, completely)

    Exit, erode, efface = erase
  75. intra-, intro-
    - (within)

  76. non
    - (not)

    Non-violent, nonsense, non-partisan
  77. OCT, OCTAV
    - (eight) - (eighth)

    octogenarian, octave, octopus

    A musical scale consists of several octaves.
  78. PORT
    - (to carry)

    transport, export, porter

    The porter at the railway station carried my bags to the train.
  79. PUNG-, PUNCT-
    - (to prick, point)

    puncture, punctuation

    Tarragon is a pungent herb that stings the nostrils when sniffed.
    - (to write)

    scribble, transcribe, inscribe, inscription, scribe

    Medieval scribes painstakingly wrote out copies of books by hand.
  81. SEMI
    - (half, partly)

    semi-sweet, semi-annual

    The chocolates are only semi-sweet.
    (seven, seventh)


    September used to be the seventh month, but now it is the ninth.
  83. SCI
    - (to know)

    science, omniscient

    Science is the art of knowing.
  84. SESQUI
    - (one and a half)


    Texas recently celebrated its sesquicentennial. It was its 150th year of statehood.
  85. SEXT-, SEX-
    - (sixth, six)

    Sextet, sextuplets

    There was a string sextet playing in the lobby during dinner.
  86. SPECT-, SPIC-
    - (to look)

    spectrum, inspect, suspicious

    We inspected the crate for bugs.
  87. SPIR
    - (to breathe)

    aspirate, conspire, expire

    If someone expires, he does not draw breath anymore.
  88. TEMPOR
    - (time)

    temporary, temporal, contemporary

    One of Hitler’s contemporaries was Stalin.
  89. TORQU-, TORT-
    - (to twist)

    contort, torque, retort

    The contortionist could bend in half and fit in a small box.
  90. TRI
    - (three)

    triangle, triumvirate, triad

    Always triangulate the data to make sure it is good.
  91. UN
    - (one)

    unify, unit

    A family is a single unit.
  92. VER

    verity, verify

    She ran more tests to verify the age of the pottery.
  93. VERB
    - (word, verb)

    verbal, verbose

    The man was verbose, using too many words to say very little.
  94. VERT-, VERS
    - (to turn)

    revert, convert, avert

    The boy reverted to his calm state after the dog left.
  95. VI-, VIA
    - (way, road)


    The viaduct under I-70 is often flooded from sudden rain storms.
  96. VIV-
    - (to live)

    vivid, vivacious, vivacity, Vivian

    The child was vivacious, so Vivian was a good name for her
  97. re-, red
    - (back, again)

    Rethink, re-do, return
  98. retro
    - (backwards, behind)

    Retroactive, retrospective
  99. infra
    - (below, beneath)

    Infrastructure, infrared
  100. inter
    - (between, among)

    International, internal
  101. sub
    - (under, up from under, secretly)

    Subterranean, subway, subversive
  102. super
    - (above, over)

    Super-imposed, superman, super-human
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