Psych. Ch.3 Notes

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  1. What makes up the central nervous system?
    The brain and the spinal cord
  2. What makes up the peripheral nervous system?
    The somatic and autonomic systems
  3. What makes up autonomic?
    Sympathetic nervous system and the parasympathetic nervous system
  4. What is the corpus callosum?
    A large bundle of nerve fibers that transmits information from one half of the brain to the other
  5. There are four of these major division in the brain:
  6. What is fissure?
    A lengthy depression marking off an area of the brain
  7. What does hemisphere mean?
    One half of the brain; each one controls the opposite side of the body
  8. This part of the brain plays an important role in hearing:
    Temporal lobe
  9. What is a neuron?
    A nerve cell which transmits electrical and chemical information throughout the body
  10. Glands are:
    The units of the body that contain hormones
  11. The part of the body that functions as an automatic 'brain' in its own right and is a relay station for impulses to and from the higher brain:
    The spinal cord
  12. What is the endocrine system?
    The name for the system of all the glands along with their chemical messages
  13. Chemical regulators that control bodily processes such as emotional responses, growth, and sexuality:
  14. What is the master gland of the body? What does it do?
    The pituitary gland; it activates other hormones and controls the growth hormone
  15. What is the Reticular Activating System?
    The alertness control center of the brain; it regulates body activity level
  16. What is synapse?
    The junction point of two or more nuerons; a connection is made by neurotransmitters
  17. What is a reflex?
    An automatic behavior of the body involving movement that is activated through the spinal cord without using the higher brain
  18. What is the Cerebral Cortex?
    It controls humans high-level thinking and makes up the outermost layer of the brain
  19. What is the occipital lobe?
    Division of the cerebral cortex that interprets visual information
  20. What is the temporal lobe?
    Division of the cerebral cortex responsible for hearing and some speech functions
  21. What is the sensory strip?
    Band running down the side of the parietal lobe that registers and provides all sensation
  22. What is the parietal lobe?
    Division of cerebral cortex that contains the sensory strip
  23. What is the frontal lobe?
    Division of the cerebral cortex that contains the motor strip, prefrontal area, and frontal association area
  24. What is the motor strip?
    • Band running down the side of the frontal lobe that controls all bodily movement
    • (Called motor functions)
  25. What is the brain?
    An apparatus with which we think
  26. The brain processes ______ thoughts per day
  27. Your brain uses ____ of your bodys energy
  28. Your brain generates _______ while you are awake
    25 watts
  29. A newborn baby's brain grows almost ___ times in course of first year
  30. Adult human brain is about ______ of total body weight
    About 2 or 3 %
  31. What are some left brain functions?
    • *Uses logic
    • *Detail oriented
    • *Reality based
    • *Practical
    • *Safe
  32. What are some right brain functions?
    • *Uses feeling
    • *Fantasy (daydreams)
    • *Big picture oriented
  33. Unconciousness will occur 8-10 seconds after loss of blood supply to the _____
  34. What is the amygdala responsible for?
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