Puntos de Partida, Capítulo 11, Gramática

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  1. Por Dios
    For heaven's sake
  2. Por ejemplo
    For example
  3. Por eso
    That's why
  4. Por favor
  5. Por fin
  6. Por lo general
    Generally, in general
  7. Por lo menos
    At least
  8. Por primera/última vez
    For the first/last time
  9. Por si acaso
    Just in case
  10. ¡Por supuesto!
    Of course!
  11. Por todas partes
  12. Por Rules/Meaning
    • By, by means of
    • Through, along
    • During, in (time of day)
    • Because of, due to
    • For = in exchange for
    • For = for the sake of, on behalf of
    • For = duration (often omitted)
  13. Para Rules/Meaning
    • In order to + infinitive
    • For = destined for, to be given to
    • For = by (deadline, specified future time)
    • For = toward, in the direction of
    • For = to be used for
    • For = as compared with others, in relation to others
    • For = in the employ of
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