Geometry Vocabulary

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  1. Point
    represents a location, has no width or thickness
  2. Line
    has immeasurable length, no width or thickness, and is made up of infinite points, must have 2 points to define a line
  3. Line Segment
    part of a line with measurable length
  4. Ray
    part of a line with one endpoint and extends in one direction
  5. Plane
    a flat surface with width and length, but no thickness
  6. What defines a plane?
    3 points on the same line
  7. Collinear Points
    points that lie on the same line
  8. Non-Collinear Points
    points that do NOT lie on the same line
  9. Coplanar Points
    points that lie in the same plane
  10. Non-Coplanar Points
    points that do NOT lie in the same plane
  11. Skew Lines
    lines in different planes that never intersect and are not parallel
  12. Congruent
    equal in measure
  13. Midpoint
    a point that divides a segment into 2 congruent parts
  14. Bisector
    a line that divides a segment/angle into 2 congruent parts
  15. Parallel Lines
    lines that never intersect
  16. Perpendicular Lines
    lines that intersect at right angles (90o)
  17. Angle
    the intersection of 2 rays at a common endpoint (called a vertex)
  18. Acute Angle
    measures less than 90o
  19. Obtuse Angle
    measures greater than 90o and less than 180o
  20. Right Angle
    measures 90o
  21. Complementary Angles
    2 or more angles whose sum is 90o
  22. Supplementary Angles
    2 or more angles whose sum is 180o
  23. Adjacent Angles
    2 angles that share a common vertex and common ray
  24. Linear Pair
    2 adjacent angles that are supplementary
  25. Congruent Angles
    angles with the same measure
  26. Vertical Angles
    2 angles formed by 2 intersecting lines "across from each other" and are congruent
  27. Transversal
    a line that intersects 2 or more lines at different points
  28. Interior Angles
    inside angles
  29. Exterior Angles
    outside angles
  30. Corresponding Angles
    same position angles on different lines
  31. Conditional Statement
    any statement that can be written in IF-THEN form
  32. Hypothesis
    the part in a Conditional Statement after the IF
  33. Conclusion
    the part in a Conditional Statement after the THEN
  34. Axiom
    a statement that is accepted as true and applies to math in general
  35. Postulate
    a statement accepted as true and applies to a specific branch of math (like Geometry)
  36. Theorem
    a statement that can be proven true using terms, definitions, and postulates
  37. Converse
    switches the hypothesis and conclusion in a conditional statement
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