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  1. Why Sample?
    • Improve data quality, obtain in-depth information about each subject. Want to minimize the number of things we examine or maximize the quality of our examination of those things we do examine.
    • Generalize the population to make better changes to society
  2. When is sampling unecessary?
    • When the number of things we want to sample is small
    • Data is easily accessible
    • Data is unaffected by what we look at
  3. What is an example of Sampling Frame?
    An example of a sampling frame is a list of High School students
  4. What is an example of elements/sample units in a sample?
    The High School students name
  5. What is an example of unit of analysis?
    Once I have chosen a High School students name and am going to survey that student it becomes the unit of analysis.
  6. What does Probability mean?
    • Every element of a population has a chance of being included.
    • Also random sampling
    • Less likely to be biased
  7. What does Nonprobability mean?
    • Not every member of the population has a chance of being studied
    • Purposeful
    • Selected group
  8. What are 3 types of Sampling Errors?
    • Coverage
    • Nonresponse
    • Sampling
  9. What does coverage error mean?
    • The people that are left out
    • When results are different between the sampling frame and the target population
    • Example: not everyone has a phone, those without will be excluded from the sample but not on purpose.
  10. What is a Nonresponce error?
    • When people do not answer the survey
    • No data can be collected from the individual
  11. What is Sample Error?
    • Difference between the characteristics of a sample and the charactertics of the population from which the sample is drawn
    • Sampling Variability: Variability in sample stat occurs when different samples are drawn from the same population
  12. What are the types of Probability Sampling?
    • Simple Random
    • Systematic
    • Stratified
    • Cluster
    • Multistage/Multicluster
  13. What is Simple Random Sampling?
    • Write names on a paper and draw from hat
    • Use the number chart to pick people by the number
  14. What is Sampling Distribution?
    • The distribution of a sample statistic
    • Distribution of any statistic tends to be around the population parameter, especially as the sample gets bigger (the more accurate)
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