Conservation Biology- Part 2

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  1. Define Heterosis
    Heterozygous offspring have a higher survival and fitness compared to either homozygous parent
  2. Define fitness
    Relative reproductive output of an individual in a population compared to everyone else
  3. Do Cheetas have very little or a lot of genetic diversity?
    Very little genetic diversity
  4. Define inbreeding
    Mating with relatives
  5. Define inbreeding depression
    Loss in vigor and fitness due to an increase in homozygosity
  6. What causes populations to vary genetically?
    1.) natural selection may produce populations with different genetic/phenotypes being favored

    2.) neutral evolutionary mechanisms (e.g. genetic drift, founders effect, and bottlenecks)
  7. Define genetic drift
    random loss/fixation of alleles in a population
  8. Define founders effect
    • The establishment of a new population by a few original founders which carry only a small fraction of the total genetic variation of the population.
    • The result is that a given allele, gene, or chromosomes, or part of a chromosome found in a member of the popultation can be traced back to one ancestral individual.
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