Cytokines and Chemokines

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  1. IL-1
    • Produced by activated macrophages, neutrophils and epithelium
    • Pyrogenic
    • Targets other immune cells for proliferation, production
    • TNF-a release
    • IL-2 production
  2. IL-2
    • TCR induction increases IL-2 and IL-2R production --> autocrine
    • Activate T cells
    • Induces IFN-g, IL-2, IL-6, IL-4, IL-5
  3. IL-3
    • Source: Th cells, NK cells
    • Growth and differentiation of myeloid cells
  4. IL-4
    • Source: TH2 cells
    • B cell activation, differentiation, class switching to IgG1 and IgE
    • Inhibits development of TH1
  5. IL-5
    • Source: TH2 cells
    • proliferation, differentiation, class switch to IgA
  6. IL-6
    • Source: monocytes, macrophages, TH2 cells
    • Endogenous pyrogen
    • Promotes plasma cell formation
    • Induces acute phase response
  7. IL-7
    • Source: primary lymph organs
    • Stimulates B and T lymphocyte progenitors in marrow
  8. IL-8
    • Source: macrophage, endothelial cells
    • Chemokine (neutrophils)
  9. IL-10
    • Source: TH2 cells
    • Suppresses cytokine production of TH1
  10. IL-12
    • Source: macrophages
    • Stimulates CMI
  11. IL-17
    • Source: TH17 cell
    • Inflammation and tissue damage
    • Associated with some autoimmune diseases
  12. IFN-a, b
    • Source: leukocytes, fibroblasts
    • Inhibits viral protein synthesis
    • Acts on uninfected cells
  13. IFN-g
    • Source: TH1 cells, CTL, NK cells
    • Stimulates CMI, inhibits TH2, increases MHC I, II expression
  14. TNF-a, b
    • Source: TH1 cells, activated macrophage, CTL
    • Enhances CMI
  15. G-CSF and GM-CSF
    • Source: Macrophage and TH cells
    • Induces myelocyte proliferation
    • Counters neutropenia following ablation

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Cytokines, chemokines their functions and targets
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