Module 47

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  1. According to WHO, how many people suffer from psychological disorders?
    450 million people
  2. Which psychological disorder exists in all cultures of the world?
  3. Presistently harmful thoughts, feelings and actions define what?
    psychological disorders
  4. When behavior is deviant, distressful and dysfunctional, psychiatrists & psychologists lable it as what?
  5. What is trephination?
    An ancient treatment used for psychological disorders in which holes were bored into the head to remove evil spirits.
  6. What are some other ancient forms for treating psychological disorders?
    exorcisim, animal blood transfusion, beaten, burned, castrated, mutilated
  7. Who was the first to say that madness was not due to demon possesion but an ailment of the mind?
    Philippe Pinel from France.
  8. What 4 things make up the medical model for looking at physical causes for disorders?
    • 1. Etiology
    • 2. Diagnosis
    • 3. Treatment
    • 4. Prognosis
  9. Medical Model: Define Etiology
    Causation and development of the disorder
  10. Medical Model: Define Diagnosis
    Identifying (symptoms) and distingushing one disease from another.
  11. Medical Model: Define Treatment
    Treating a disorder in a psychiatric hospital
  12. Medical Model: Define Prognosis
    Forcast about the disorder
  13. The perspective that assumes that biological, social-cultural and psychological factors combine and interact to produce psychological disorders is called what?
    The Biopsychosocial Perspective
  14. What is the DSM?
    Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. Rendered by the American Psychological Association to describe or classify psychological disorders.
  15. What is the most recent edition of the DSM being used today?
    DSM-IV-TR (Text Revision 2000) Classifies 400 psychological disorders.
  16. What are the 5 Multiaxial Classifications in the DSM and what do they ask?
    • Axis I- Is a clinical syndrome present?
    • Axis II- Is a personality disorder or mental retardation present?
    • Axis III- Is a general medical condition present?
    • Axis IV- Are psychosocial or environmental problems present?
    • Axis V- What is the global assessment of the person's functioning?
  17. What psychological disorder has the largest percentage of Americans experienced?
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