Lab Week 4

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  1. Axial Skeleton
    Bones that lie around the bodys center of gravity
  2. Appendicular skeleton
    Bones of the limbs or appengades
  3. Articular cartilages
    Cover the bone ends at movable joints
  4. Coastal cartilages
    Found connecting the ribs to the sternum (breastbone)
  5. Laryngeal cartilages
    Largely construct the larynx (voice box)
  6. Tracheal and bronchial cartilages
    Reinforce other passageways of the respiratory system
  7. Nasal cartilages
    Support external nose
  8. Intervertebral disc
    Separate and cushion bones of the spine (vertebrae)
  9. Each cartilage is surrounded by a covering of dense connective tissue is called?
  10. Compact bone
    Looks smooth and homogeneous
  11. Spongy bone
    Composed of small trabeculaeof bone and lots of open space
  12. Long bone
    Much longer than they are wide
  13. Short bone
    Cube shaped contain more spongy than compact
  14. Flat bone
    Generally thin with two wafer like layers of compact bone sandwiching a layer of spongy bone between them
  15. Irregular bone
    Bones that do not fall in any other the categories
  16. Paranasal sinuses
    Four skull bones maxillary, sphenoid, ethmoid, and frontal
  17. Primary Curvatures
    Thoracic and sacral curvatures
  18. Secondary curvatures
    Cervical and lumbar curvature, come with walking and holding up head.
  19. What is the bony thorax composed of?
    Sternum, ribs, and thoracic vertebrae
  20. What are frontals?
    Indentions between the bones of the fetal skull and are fibrous proteins
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