Beginning a Client Interaction

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  1. step 1
    Following introduction (at which time you call the client by name and tell the client your name), relate purpose of interaction
  2. step 2
    tell client specifically what you will be doing in terms of his or her care
  3. step 3
    Ask if the client understands or has any questions
  4. step 4
    Encourage client to describe how how he or she is feeling at the time (especially focusing on the pain level)
  5. step 5
    Encourage client to participate in his or her care-both verbally and nonverbally
  6. step 6
    Pay attention to communication as well as the procedure you are administering....Often your best data is drawn from rationale
  7. step 7
    Assess nonverbal behavior and determine if it fits (is congruent) with verbal communication, especially when you are evaluating pain.
  8. step 8
    Complete communication by asking client for feedback
  9. step 9
    Complete interaction by telling client when you will return
  10. Step 10
    Follow through on agreed upon meeting time to build client trust
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