Assessment Activities

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  1. Sources of Data
    *client, family and significant others, client records, medical records, labratory records, literature
  2. Phases:
    A. Before seeing person....
    B. When seeing person...
    C. After seeing person...
    • A. get information you can, may be only name or may have chnce to look at previous records
    • B. Interview and physical exam
    • C. Need to review information and then may need to consult other health team members (clarifying)
  3. Types of Assessment:
    A. Initial
    B. Problem Focused
    • A. Comprehensive; covers all aspects of the client; use all sources; usually have a printed form to follow
    • B. thorough in a specific area; when you see a problem while doing a complete data colection or to monitor specific problems during care, then you focus on that area
  4. General 3 criteria
    • 1. Data should be descriptive, concise, and complete
    • 2. As you are asking questions and getting answers, you should be anticipating what other data you'll need in relation to the previous question
    • 3. Your entire plan of care will be based on this information.
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