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  1. Who are the king and queen of Spain
    King Ferdinand and QUEEN iSABELLA
  2. which direction did columbus want to sail?
  3. what did Talavera think of columbus's plan?
    He didnt like the plan or the risks
  4. what role does santangel play in columbus's plan
    He told the queen that if she didnt fund the trip he would and he would get the gold
  5. who were the moors
    muslims who controled spain and portugul
  6. how long did the stuggle between the moors and the christians last
    700 years
  7. what was the relationship between the hidalgos and the conqistadores
    they helped find america
  8. what was the primary motivation to continue exploration
  9. How did the muslim traders control the price of silk
    they were the middle-man and could sale the silk at a high price
  10. what was the relationship between spain and portugal
    they were rivals
  11. what was the spainish inquisition
    a war against all other religions
  12. what was a speedometer
    a piece of would tied to a rode that was used to measure speed
  13. what was a compass
    a magnetized piece of iron in the middle of a round container used to point to north
  14. what is a quadiant
    a iron circle with a cross in the middle used to navigate at night
  15. what was the attitude of columbus's crew
    they did'nt trust columbus
  16. where did coulumbus land
    the bahamas
  17. when did columbus land in america
  18. what the the importance of canoes to arawak life
    they were used to fish and wage war
  19. hat was the origin of the word barbecue
  20. how did the natives provide for themselves
    they fished hunted and grew stuff
  21. how did tabacco get to europe
    columbus brought it back to spain
  22. what was columbus's plan to convert the natives
    make them happy convert them and turn them into slaves
  23. how many voyages did columbus make
  24. what was the spainish's reaction to columbus's return
    they were happy with him and with what he brought back
  25. where did columbus's second voyage land
    central america
  26. what is your reaction about columbus in his last attemt to get to china
    he is CRAZY!!!!!!!!!
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