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  1. Delivery methods of O2
    • Nasal cannula
    • Simple mask
    • Partial rebreathing
    • Non-rebreathing
    • Venturi
    • Tracheostomy collar
    • T-bar
  2. Suctining should be set between
    80-120 mm Hg (medium)
  3. Character of cough
    Deep ratlling indicated retained secretions and shallow raspy indicates throat irritation
  4. Report chest tube drainage of more than
    100 ml/hr
  5. First signs of hypoxia include
    Increasing respiratory rate and increasing restlessness or irritability
  6. It is important to reduce anxiety in a respiratory patient because anxiety
    Causes tense muscles which need more oxygen
  7. When breathing causes pain
    Patient won't take deep breaths to open alveoli
  8. Regarding disposable water-seal chamber, there should be
    Continuous bubbling in the suction chamber
  9. When performing NG suctioning, you should
    Raise bed to 30-45 degrees, set suction at 100, moisten catheter
  10. Most effective way to clear a patient's respiratory system after thoracotomy and lung resection is
    Teach to cough effectively
  11. Older people are more prone to respiratory problems because of
    DEcreased elasticity of respiratory tissues and decreased efficiency of the immune system
  12. The drive to breathe and the control of the respiratory rate are dependent on
    The PaCO2 level in the blood
  13. One nursing measure that can prevent respiratory insufficiency is
    assist patient to turn, cough and deep breathe
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