Urinary Exam 1

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  1. 4 functions of the kidney
    • 1. filter blood (urea)
    • 2. regulate blood volume (ECG)
    • 3. Epo production
    • 4. vit D/Ca 2+ homoostasis
  2. which kidney is more cranal
  3. sturctures in the renal cortex
    • glomerulus (Bowman's capsule)
    • proximal convoluted tuble-PCT
    • diatal convoluted tuble-DCT
    • cortical collecting duct
    • juxtoglomerular apperatus
  4. sturctures in the renal medulla
    • loops of Henle
    • medullary collecting ducts
    • papillary ducts
  5. flow of urine through the nephron
    glomerulus--> PCT--> LH--> DCT--> collecting duct
  6. function of peritubular capillaries
    • o2 & nutrients to nephron
    • substances for secretion
    • returns reabsorbed h2o & solutes
  7. cortical nephorn
    • glomerulus located in outer to mid region of cortex
    • LH shorter
    • efferent arteriol branches into peritubular capillaries
    • capillary network carries O2 & nutrients to nephorn--> serves as pathway for return of reabsorbed H2O & solutes
  8. juxtamedullary nephron
    • glomerulus larger & in cortex next to medulla
    • LH longer (deeper into medulla)
    • efferent arteriol forms peritubular capillaries & vasa recta (conc. and dillutes urine)
  9. Arterial blood flow thur the kidneys
    renal artery--> interlobar artery--> arcuate artery--> interlobular artery--> afferent arteriole--> glomerular capillaries--> efferent arteriole
  10. venious draniage of the kindney
    interlobular vein--> arcuate vein--> interlobar vein--> renal vein
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