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  1. Three phases of wound healing
    • Inflammation
    • Proliferation/reconstruction
    • Maturation
  2. Three types of wounds
    • Red-ready to heal
    • Yellow-needs to be cleaned and have an absorption or drainage
    • Black-Need debridement of the eschar
  3. Heat and cold
    • Heat-increases blood flow to body part; provide comfort and speed up healing process
    • Cold-Reduces blood flow to body part; decreases swelling and pain
  4. Removing staples
    Press handles of the remover together all the way to depress center of staple
  5. Eye irrigation
    GEntly continued until debris is cleansed away ot 10-30 minutes after a chemical injury; fluid at room temperature; move from nasal to outer edge
  6. When irrigating the wound, it is important to
    Ensure the solution reaches the depths of the wound
  7. If a wound appears infected,
    Obtain an order for a culture to be performed
  8. Healing of a wound occurs when
    Pink granulation tissue is visible
  9. When caring for a pressure ulcer,
    Eschar must usually be removed before the wound will heal
  10. Hydrocolloid dressings are useful for open wound dressings because they
    Keep the wound moist while blocking entry of microorganisms
  11. Proper technique for removal of sutures is to
    Refrain from pulling exposed suture thrhogh the wound
  12. Cold packs applied 24 hours after injury decrease swelling by
    Causing vasoconstriction and decreasing bleeding from damaged blood vessels
  13. Heat is helpful in healing a wound because it
    Causes vasodilation bringing O2 and nutrients to thr injury
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