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  1. Casting
    Dents can lead to circulatory impairment and casts need to be protected from uneven pressure while drying because shape or position can be changed
  2. Taking care of stroke patient
    Passive ROM to ___ sided weakness; active ROM to other joints; Encourage pt to do ADLs; Assess skin; Check for elimination every 2 hours
  3. Range of motion exercises promote circulation by
    Contracting the muscles surrounding a vein forcing blood to move towards the heart
  4. Passive ROM are performed to prevent
    decreased joint mobility
  5. If you find a cast is tight and almost flush to the skin, you would first
    elevate on two pillows making it higher than heart level
  6. A cast that is too tight can cause
    pressure on nerves and nerve damage, constriction of blood vessels, decreasing circulation, and numbness and tingling in extremity
  7. The amount of weight exerted by traction is determined by
    the amount of weight placed on traction ropes
  8. When caring for traction pins and wires, it is most important to
    use strict asepsis
  9. Heel of foot is reddened on CPM machine. you should
    pad the portion the heel rests on
  10. After applying an elastic bandage to an ankle, you know it's too tight is
    the toes are blueish and cool to the touch
  11. What is a serious concern when a patient's movement is restricted
    Respiratory complication
  12. What type of splint is used on an injured knee to prevent movement
  13. Critically ill patient with injured spine should have what bed
    Continous lateral rotation bed
  14. Amputation bandage type
  15. First mechanical aid after a stroke
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