appetizers and salads

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  1. Hawaiian Ahi Tacos
    Tuna Tartar, avocado, green onion tossed in ginger soy dressing presented in a sesame miso, shell, topped with tobiko caviar
  2. Pan seared fresh scallops
    Over creamy corn, leeks, tomato relish, portobello mushroom dressing
  3. Chilled sweet pea and asparagus soup
    garnished with lobster meat, clamshell mushrooms and fresh mint
  4. Copley's Seafood Sampler
    Ahi taco, seared scallop, salmon and caper tartar
  5. Roasted Beet and Warm Goat Cheese Salad
    Micro greens, poached pears, candied walnuts, honey mustard dressing
  6. untraditional wedge salad
    organic baby iceberg, tiny tomatoes, olives, marinated mushrooms, cucumber, creamy garlic blue cheese dressing
  7. copley's caesar salad
    hearts of romaine, smoked apple bacon, shaved padano cheese, pineapple croutons
  8. heirloom tomato and baby arugula
    roasted figs, shaved cucumber, red radish, fennel, grilled corn kernels, aged balsamic
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