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  1. Preclude
    to prevent; make impossible.
  2. Epiphany
    sudden understanding, insight, or revelation about an underlying truth.
  3. Fortuitous
    occuring by chance, accidental; lucky, fortunate.
  4. Lament
    to mourn or express sorrow.
  5. Assimilate
    absorb or be absorbed (often by another culture); make similar.
  6. Ambivalence
    mixed or constricting feelings; simultaneous conflicting feelings.
  7. Analogous
    two or more items that are similar.
  8. Audacious
    bold or daring; not restrained.
  9. Fortitude
    strength to face adversity.
  10. Conviction
  11. Adversity
    misfortune or hard luck.
  12. Anecdote
    a short narrative of an interesting, amusing, or biographical incident.
  13. Malevolent
    wishing evil to others; hostile, marked by desire to cause pain or distress to another.
  14. Precodious
    exceptionally early in development.
  15. Gesticulate
    use gestures (movement of limbs) instead of or toreinforce speech.
  16. Discern
    to detect or recognize; make out.
  17. Condone
    to excuse or overlook an offense, usually a serious one, with criticism.
  18. Imperative
    absolutely necessary.
  19. Zealous
    very eager; enthusiastic.
  20. Dire
    dreadful; terrible.
  21. Fervent
    having or showing great intensity of feeling, passionate.
  22. Parsimony
    parsuminious; stingines, stingy.
  23. Instigate
    to stir up or cause to happen.
  24. Prudence
    cautious, good judgement.
  25. Coveted
    disired strongly, wished for longingly.
  26. Impunity
    freedom frompunishment, harm, or bad consequences.
  27. Infallibility
    the state of being incapable of making an error.
  28. Precariously
    dangerously; insecurely.
  29. Oppress
    keep in subservience; govern; control; treat cruelly.
  30. Bigot
    one who is intolerant of others.
  31. Nostalgia
    a sentimental yearning to return to the past.
  32. Impartial
    not biased; treating all equally.
  33. Impervious
    not able to be affecyted or distrubed.
  34. Implausible
    nor believable; provoking disbelief.
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