9/14 Enzymes

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  1. Thermodynamics

    2 Properties of Action
    The free Energy diff (Change in G)

    Energy Required (Activation Energy)
  2. The free energy difference (Change in G) is between
    the products and reactants
  3. Which thermodynamic property determines whether the rxn will be spontaneous
    The Free-Energy Difference
  4. Energy Required (Activation Energy) determines what
    the rate of the reaction
  5. Enzymes only affect which thermodynmaic property
    activation energy or the energy required for the rxn to initate
  6. What does negative Change in G mean?
    The rxn is energetically favored

    but doesn't tell how fast
  7. Hemoglobin is made up of what 2 componets?
    Heme and Protein
  8. Apoprotein
    the folded polypeptide chain of a conjugated protein

    Globin with by itself without the heme
  9. Isozyme
    Different protines that cataluze the same reaction
  10. Enzymes that deifferent in structure or sequence are called what
  11. pH in Enzymes affects what
    The acidic or alkiline R Groups that make up the enzyme
  12. How are substrates bound to the active site of enzymes
    by noncovalent bonds
  13. Induced Fit Model
    The Structure of the enzyme is different depending on whether the substrate is bound or not
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