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  1. What law is concerned with the disputes between private individuals and other entities?
    Civil Law
  2. Whereas Criminal Law involves the ___?____ duty to protect society by preventing and prosecuting crimes.
  3. A_______ is a serious crime punishable by more that a year in prison or the death penalty,
  4. A person found guilty of a __________ will usually spend less than a year in jail or pay a fine.
  5. What do you call it when a homicide is premeditated and delivered?
    First Degree Murder
  6. If there is no premeditation or malice on the part of the offender toward the victim. The homicide is classified as what?
  7. The FBI relies on the cooperation of law enforcement agencies across the nation to produce it annual what?
    (UCR) Uniform Crime Report
  8. The FBI often presents its findings to the public in terms of the frequency and __?___ with witch offenses occur for every 100,00 inhabitants of the united states.
  9. Which offenses are more likely to be covered by the media?
    Part I offenses (murder,manslaughter,rape,robbery,larceny,arson)
  10. which offenses are much more commonplace in the american crime landscape?
    Part II offenses (vandalism, loitering, prostitution, drunkenness, DUI, disorderly conduct)
  11. which surveys rely on those who have been subjected to criminal activity to discuss the incidents with researchers?
  12. what kind of surveys ask participants to detail their own criminal behavior?
    Self-Reported surveys
  13. which part of both methods show crime and the actual amount of crime that takes place in this country?
    The Dark figure of crime
  14. official crime data suggest that the amount of crime in this country is much what?
  15. according to many experts, the three factors that most strongly affect national crime figures are what?
    • (the three usual suspects of crime)
    • YOUTH POPULATION (18-24)
  16. In the late 1980s and early 1990s rising crimes rates seemed to be fueled by what illegal substance?
    Drug Trade especially CRACK
  17. after declining precipitously in the 1990s and in the 2000s the U.S crime rate has been impressively what??
    Flat rate (no change)
  18. what part of the English law does the American law has its roots when it comes to law and how it represents a set of legal principles that apply equally to all citizens?
  19. Under this legal system once a judge made a ruling other judges faced with similar cases followed this what?
  20. The practice of deciding new cases with reference to precedent is the basis for a doctrine called what?
  21. What is the name the supreme law of this county?
    The U.S. constitution
  22. Any law that violates the constitution will be declared by the united states supreme court a what?
  23. Laws enacted by the Legislative bodies are know as what?
  24. the body of laws created by judicial decision is known as what kind of law?
    a CASE LAW
  25. what is the primary legal function of the law is to what?
    • maintain social order
    • protecting citizens from Criminal harm.
    • promote social value
  26. proof that a crime has been committed is established through the elements of the crime which include the what?
    ACTUS REUS (a guilty prohibited act)
  27. the physical act of a crime or the intent to commit a crime has to be concurrence of the guilty act and the guilty intent are what?
    MENS REA (a wrongful mental state)
  28. Defendant is guilty regardless of their state of mind at the time of the act ( traffic ticket violation)
    Strict liability crimes (even if no intent to commit act)
  29. what do u call the facts surrounding a criminal event with some crimes these facts must be proven to convict the defendant of the crime.
    attendant circumstances (must be proven beyond reasonable doubt)
    criminal law recognizes that a defendant may not be responsible for a criminal act if her or his mental state was impaired by what ?
    insanity or intoxication do to drugs or alcohol
  31. Defendants may also JUSTIFY in committing an act that they would not otherwise have performed or because they acting to protect themselves from deadly harm also called what?
  32. what is it called when a government agent deceives a defendant into committing a crime
  33. a basic procedure that safeguards the accused is found in what of the U.S constitution?
  34. according to this safeguards no person shall be deprived of life liberty without what of the law?
    DUE PROCESS of the law
  35. this means that the PROCEDURES by which the law is carried out must be fair and orderly and the laws themselves must be what?
  36. WHAT ULTIMATELY decides if these rights have been violated?
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