Chapter 2: Where to Start

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  1. Discussion section
    reviews the research from various perspectives
  2. Hypothesis
    • A statement that makes an assertion about what is true in a particular situation
    • a statement asserting that two or more variable are related to one another
  3. Introduction Section
    outlines the problem that has been investigated
  4. Abstract
    • a summary of the research report and typically runs no more than 120 words in length
    • hypothesis
    • procedure
    • broad pattern of results
  5. literature review
    Articles that summarize the research in a particular area
  6. Method Section
    • divided into subsections
    • number of subsections determined by the author and dependent on the complexity of the research design
  7. Prediction
    A Statement that makes an assertion concerning what will occur in a particular research investigation
  8. Psychological Abstracts
    • starting being published in 1927
    • called - PsychINFO
    • on the web and updated weekly
  9. Results Section
    • researcher presents the findings - usually in 3 ways
    • 1 - narrative form
    • 2 - statistical language
    • 3 - material is often depicted in tables and graphs
  10. Theory
    consists of a systematic body of ideas about a particular topic or phenomenon
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