Lab 4

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  1. Osculum
    large excurrent opening of a sponge
  2. Spicule
    a small supportive spike-like structure found in sponge skeletons
  3. Choanocytes
    a flagellated collar cell found in sponges
  4. Spongocoel
    the main interior body cavity of a simple sponge
  5. Porocyte
    a tubular epidermal cell that surrounds an ostium in sponges
  6. Mesoglea
    a gelatinous material and is associated elements in the body wall of sponges; located in between the epidermal layer and gastroderm in radiate animals
  7. Amoebocyte
    an amoeboid wandering cell found in sponges
  8. Archeocyte
    a wandering cell capable of differentiating into any of several cell types in sponges
  9. Atruim
    same as spongocoel- the main interior body cavity of a simple sponge
  10. Incurrent canal
    passageway through the external cortex which proceeds the prosoplyes of advanced sponges
  11. Spongin
    a meshwork of protein fibers in the "skeleton" of advanced sponges
  12. Amphiblastula
    a sponge larva with anterior externally flagellated micromers and posterior macromers
  13. Prosopyle
    a small intercellular space preceding the canal system of sycenoid and leuconoid sponges
  14. Apopyle
    the excurrent opening of choanocyte chamber in leuconoid sponges
  15. Parenchymella
    the larvae form of a leuconoid sponge
  16. Ostium
    a small incurrent opening of a sponge
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