Positive Ions Whose Charges Vary- Chemical Nomenclature

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  1. copper (I) or cuprous
    copper (II) or cupric
    • Cu+1
    • Cu+2
  2. gold (I) or aurous
    gold (II) or auric
    • Au+1
    • Au+2
  3. mercury (I) or mercurous
    mercury (II) or mercuric
    • Hg2+2
    • Hg2
  4. chromium (II) or chromous
    chromium (III) or chromic
    • Cr+2
    • Cr+3
  5. manganese (II) or manganous
    manganese (III) or manganic
    • Mn+2
    • Mn+3
  6. iron (II) or ferrous
    iron (III) or ferric
    • Fe+2
    • Fe+3
  7. cobalt (II) or cobaltous
    cobalt (III) or cobaltic
    • Co+2
    • Co+3
  8. nickel (II) or nickelous
    nickel (III) or nicelic
    • Ni+2
    • Ni+3
  9. tine (II) or stannous
    tine (IV) or stannic
    • Sn+2
    • Sn+4
  10. lead (II) or plumbous
    lead (IV) or plumbic
    • Pb+2
    • Pb+4
  11. cerrium (III) or cerous
    cerrium (IV) or ceric
    • Ce+3
    • Ce+4
  12. arsenic (III) or arsenous
    arsenic (V) or arsenic
    • As+3
    • As+5
  13. antimony (III) or antimonous
    antimony (V) or antimonic
    • Sb+3
    • Sb+5
  14. bismuth (III) or bismuthous
    bismuth (V) or bismuthic
    • Bi+3
    • Bi+5

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