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  1. Glacier
    a large mass of ice and snow moving on land under its own weight
  2. Plastic Flow
    slow movement of a glacier in which ice crystals slip over each other
  3. Plucking
    process that adds various sizes of sediment to the glacier's bottom as it freezes and melts
  4. Till
    a mixture of different-sized sediments that is dropped from the base of a reterating glacier
  5. Erratic
    large boulders transported and deposited by a glacier
  6. Striations
    grooves carved into rock, caused by glacial till
  7. Polishing
    the smoothing and leveling of rock by fine debris
  8. Moraine
    a large ridge of rocks and soil deposited by a glacier when it stops moving forward
  9. Outwash
    material deposited by meltwater from a glacier
  10. Esker
    a winding ridge of sand and gravel that is left behind when a glacier melts
  11. Drumlin
    a long, low, tear-shaped mound of till
  12. Continental Glacier
    Continental Glaciers are found in and around the Arctic, Antarctic circles, Greenland and island in the polar regions
  13. Valley Glacier
    Valley Glaciers are found in mountain regions all over the world. They begin in the mountain where it is snows all year and the temperatures are always below freezing
  14. Roche Moutonne
    a rock or bedrock hill that has been smoothed on the side the glaciers came from and plucked and jagged on the side the glaciers leave
  15. Kettle Pond
    is a shallow, sediment-flled body of water formed by retreating glaciers or draining floodwaters
  16. U-shaped Valleys
    the shape of the valley which a glacier carves
  17. Climate Change
    the rising and falling of the Earth's temperature over time (ex. during hot periods, ice will melt and sea levels wil rise and during cold periods, ice will build and glaciers will form
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