Italian Renaissance Exam 1

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    • Cimabue
    • Crucifix, 1270's
    • Commissioned by the Dominicans of Sanbomen
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    • Cimabue
    • Crucifiction, 1279
    • Upper Church, Assisi
    • Fresco
    • angels capture the blood of Christ
    • right side = good
    • left side= sinister, bad
    • the paint oxidized so it now looks like a photo negative
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    • Altarpiece of Saint Clare, 1280's
    • Santa Chiara, Assisi
    • St. Clare founded the order of the Poor Clares, the womens section of the Fransciscan Order
    • shows scenes from Clare's life
    • 3 knots in belt = 3 principal vows(obedience, chastity, poverty)
  4. Sancta Sanctorum
    • Master Cosmatus
    • 1278
    • Lateran Palace, Rome
    • translates to the holiest of the holy
    • has the Acheropita the true portrait of Christ
    • holds many important relics
    • floor was made by Master Cosmatus with serpentine stone from Egypt
    • was commissioned by Pope Nicolas III
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    • Sancta Sanctorum
    • 1277-1280
    • patron saints of Rome
    • Pope Nicolas III is presenting the building to Christ
    • the figures are pushed forward in the picture frame
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    • Cavallini
    • Last Judgement 1290
    • St. Cecilia in Trastevere, Rome
    • Fresco, was destroyed when the interior was redone
    • is now hidden by the nuns' choir
    • depicts the end of time the good and the bad
    • Christ is surrounded by a Mandorla
    • garment is open, bloody and gross
    • angels are shown in an array of colors
    • the archangels are jeweled
    • the virgin and st. john are shown, apostles are present holding attributes
    • drapery looks 3D there is light and shadow, modulating smooth facial features
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    • Cavallini
    • Birth of the Virgin. 1290
    • Santa Maria in Trastevere, Rome
    • commissioned by Stefaneschi
    • moasic = very expensive
    • shows the life of the Virgin
    • rituals of childbirth
    • very well planned narrative
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    • Upper Church, 1228
    • San Francesco, Assisi
    • St. Francis is buried in full here
    • 2 churches in one
    • upper church = the larger one
    • surrounded by a convent
    • has a papal seat in the apse
    • created with papal funding
    • begun in 1228 was completed by 1239
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    • St. Francis Kneeling Before the Crucifix in San Damiano late 13th - early 14th cent.
    • sold bolts of fabric given to him by his fater and gives the money to the church
    • Upper Church,
    • San Francesco, Assisi
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    • St. Francis Renouncing his Worldly Goods late 13th - early 14th cent.
    • Upper Church,
    • San Francesco, Assisi
    • publically renounces his earthly possessions and gives his father even the clothes off his back
    • calls God his father, there is a little God hand shown (medieval tradition)
    • Bishop of Assisi wraps him in his cloak and claims him for the religious life
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    • The Dream of Pope Innocent III late 13th to early 14th cent
    • Upper Church,
    • San Francesco, Assisi
    • got 12 followers
    • pope dreamed the st. francis was holding up the church of St. Lateran
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    • Scrovegni Chapel 1303-1305
    • Padua
    • built on the grounds of Roman ruins
    • act of devotion to ensure salvation
    • commissioned by Enrico Scrovegni
    • contains the paintings: Expulsion of Joachim, Lamentation, and Last Judgement
    • 3 tiers of narratives
    • top = virgin mary
    • bottom 2 = life of christ
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    • Expulsion of Joachim 1303-1305
    • Scrovegni Chapel, Padua
    • Giotto
    • Mary's father is kicked out of the temple bc it is believed that he is not in the favor of God
    • architecture forms the scene
    • fictive marble gold leaf on the hems
    • furrowed brow he is very upset
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    • Lamentation 1303-1395
    • Scrovegni Chapel, Padua
    • Giotto
    • immediately follows the crucifiction
    • christ is layed out
    • figures set the scene draws the viewer in
    • non descript landscape
    • dead tree mirrors the death of christ
    • everything linear leads to christ including the landscape
    • st. john = the eagle hands out behind him
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    • Last Judgement 1303-1305
    • Scrovegni Chapel, Padua
    • Giotto
    • located on a portal inside of facade wall
    • monumental
    • empty cross, christ is surrounded by a mandorla
    • sun and moon are being rolled up
    • show the end of time people going to heaven and hell
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    • Palazzo della Signoria 1299-1310
    • architect: Arnolfo di Camio
    • Florence
    • limestone
    • tower = fortfied
    • castle like = power symbol
    • meeting place
    • all other towers in Florence were taken down
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    • Santa Croce 1294
    • architect: Arnolfo di Camio
    • Florence
    • built very close to the river
    • Franciscan Church
    • late medieval, trad. basilica church
    • trancept: cross shaped plan
    • narrow side aisles
    • was once frescoed now is plain and bare
    • Italian Gothic Architecture: pointed arches stained glass windows open wooden beams
    • floor is covered with tomb slabs
    • raised church built on a crypt
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    • Ognissanti Madonna and Child 1310-1315
    • Giotto
    • Florence Uffizi Gallery
    • no documents exist about this work
    • Ognissanti: All Saints Church; belonged to Umiliati order
    • very wealthy order = cloth producers
    • overlapping used to create space faces are covered
    • shows recession into space
    • more naturalistic uses shadows and light creates volume
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    • Last Supper, Trees of Life, and Four Miracle Scenes
    • 1330-1340
    • Taddeo Gaddi
    • Refectory, Santa Croce, Florence
    • an iconic image
    • comes from a textual source from St. Bonaventure
    • fruit hanging from the tree
    • meant for an educated audience
    • Donor: Mona Vaggia Manfredi
    • St. Francis and St. Dominic are present
    • the bird is a pelican
    • leading to leonardo's last supper image
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    • South Doors 1330-1336
    • Bapistery (San Giovanni) Florence
    • depicts scenes from the life of John the Baptist
    • two bottom rows are scenes of virtues
    • the rest are life scenes and can be read like a book
    • cast bronze doors, very expensive
    • Commissioned by the Calimala Guild- oldest guild in the city, textile guild: imported wool made cloth and exported it
    • used Giotto as an influence
    • quatrofoil frames
    • the baptism of christ shows John the Bap. recognizing Christ as the son of God
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    • Pulpit 1265
    • Nicola Pisano
    • Siena Cathedral
    • performs an important function in the mass
    • Eagle = St. John the Evangelist, the writer of the Gospel
    • 6 sides covered in HIGH RELIEF
    • trefoils and gothic arches
    • shows the life of Christ beginning with the annunciation and ends with the last judgement
    • animated sculpture
    • massacre of the innocents- King Herod put to death all children 2 years old and younger
    • made from chiseled marble and also used a drill
    • drill creates dramatic shadows
    • all faces are different there is no repetition
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    • Biccherna Cover 1468
    • The Virgin Protects Siena in the Time of Earthquakes
    • Francesco de Giorgio Martini
    • the biccherna controlled the finances of the city
    • tempera on panel
    • city of Siena is shown
    • earthquakes led to evacuation of the city and people lived in tents
    • virgin oversees from above
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