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  1. Forebrain
    Telencephalon & Diencephalon
  2. Midbrain
  3. Hindbrain
    Metencephalon & Myelencephalon
  4. Telencephalon
    Cerebral Cortex, Basal Ganglia, Corpus Callosum, & Limbic System
  5. Basal Ganglia
    Motor movement; Made up of: The Striatum - [Amygdala, Caudate], Putamen, & Globus Pallidus
  6. Corpus Callosum
    Connects hemispheres of the cortex
  7. Limbic System
    Hippocampus (memory) & Amygdala (emotional expression)
  8. Diencephalon
    Thalamus, LGN, MGN, Ventrolateral Nucleus, & Hypothalamus
  9. Thalamus
    "Relay Station" - receives input from all senses except smell, performs analyses, and transmits info to brain
  10. LGN
    Relays visual info
  11. MGN
  12. Ventrolateral Nucleus
  13. Hypothalamus
    Certain metabolic processes
  14. Mesencephalon
    Tectum & Tegmentum
  15. Tectum
    Superior & Inferior Colliculi
  16. Tegmentum
    Substantia Nigra, Periaqueductal gray (analgesia - gray matter around the cerebral aqueduct), Reticular formation, Red Nucleus
  17. Meyencephalon
    Medulla Oblongata
  18. Medulla Oblongata
    The most caudal portion of the brain, immediately rostral to the spine; Includes nuclei that control vital functions such as the cardiovascular system, respiration, & skeletal muscle tone
  19. Metencephalon
    Pons & cerebellum
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