Pharm Prototype Ch 17

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  1. What are the Therapeutic and Pharmacologic Classifications fo Bethanechol chloride (Duvoid, Urecholine)?
    • Therapeutic: Drug to restore peristalsis or treat urinary retention
    • Pharmacologic: Cholinergic agonist, muscarinic agonist (direct acting)
  2. What are the Therapeutic Effects of Bethanechol chloride (Duvoid, Urecholine)?
    • Stimulated smooth muscle contraction. Restore smooth muscle tone and peristalisis following general anesthesia. Relaxes urinary sphincters and causes detrusor muslce of the bladder to contract (resulting in voiding)
    • Off label: treatment of adynamic ilius and gastric atony
  3. What is the mechanism of action of bethanechol chlordie (Duvoid, Urecholine)?
    interacts indirectly with muscarinic receptors to cause body responses typical of parasympathetic stimulation. It is not destroyed by AchE; therefore, its actions are more prolonged than those of Ach.
  4. What are the Pharmacokinetics of bethanechol chloride (Duvoid, Urecholine)?
    • Route(s): PO, subcut
    • Absorption: Poorly absorbed PO, well absorbed subcut
    • Distribution: Widely distributed; does not cross the blood brain barrier
    • Primary metabolism: Unknown
    • Primary excretion: renal
    • Onset of Action: PO: 30 min; subcut 5-15 min
    • Duration of action: PO: 1-6 h; subcut: 2h
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