Anatomy Chapter 1

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  1. What sections are you left with in a frontal plane:
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  2. What sections are you left with in a traverse plane?
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  3. What sections are left in a median plane?
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  4. Anterior
    toward the front of the body, in front of
  5. Posterior
    toward the backside of the body; behind
  6. Medial
    toward the midline(spine) of the body; on the inner side of.
  7. lateral
    away from the midline of the body; on the out side of
  8. intermediate
    between a more medial and a more lateral structure
  9. proximal
    close to the origin of the body or the point of attatrchment of alimb to the body trunk (used when talking about appendages)
  10. distal
    farther from the origin of the body or the point of attachment between a limb and the body trunk.
  11. superficial
    toward the body surface
  12. deep
    away from the body surface; more internal
  13. abdominal
    anterior body trunk inferior to the limbs
  14. axillary
  15. buccal
  16. carpal
  17. cervical
  18. coxal
  19. crural
  20. femoral
  21. pelvic
    area overlying the pelvis anteriorly
  22. tarsal
    ankle region
  23. sternal
    breat bone area
  24. cephalic
  25. deltoid
    curve of the shoulder formed by large deltoid muscle
  26. sacral
    area between the hips
  27. scapular
    shoulder blade region on the back
  28. sural
    the calf
  29. What are the 8 necessary life functions
    • maintain boundaries
    • movement (way to manipulate the outside environment
    • responsiveness or irritablity (respond to stimuli)
    • digestion
    • metabolism (anabolic building up and catabolic breaking down)
    • growth
    • reproduce
    • excretion
  30. What are the 5 survival needs
    • oxygen
    • water
    • nutrients
    • temperature
    • atmospheric pressure
  31. What are the 4 basic compounds for all living things?
    • carbs
    • lipids (fats)
    • proteins
    • Nucleic acids
  32. What is homeostasis?
    ability to maintain ideal living conditions
  33. What are feedback mechanisms?
    bodys response to a stimuli
  34. What are the 3 components of the homeostatic mechanism
    • receptor--sensor that responds to stimuli
    • control center--determines which variable to be maintained in the body according the the changes by stimuli
    • effector--output for the stimulus
  35. negative feedback
    <---- ----> opposite of stimuli
  36. Postive feedback
    ----> ----> towards the stimuli
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