Pathological Pulses

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  1. Abnormal Pulse Images
    • -categorization: exterior and Interior (floating and deep)
    • ex: if pathogen is on interior pulse is deep
    • -cold and heat (slow/rapid)
    • -repletion and vacuity (replete/vacuous)
    • -abnormal changes in rhythm
    • -abnormal changes in form
  2. Floating Pulses (superficial) Fu Mai
    • -obtained with light pressing
    • -fades with great pressure
    • -governs exterior
    • -exterior conditions (exterior windcold, wind heat
  3. Exceptions for floating pulses
    • interior disease
    • enduring disease
    • depletion of qi and xue or yin xu
  4. Yin Xu pulse
    Floating, deficient, and rapid (yin cannot anchor the yang)
  5. Scallion Stalk pulse (hollow) Kou Mai
    • -Emptiness inside the scallion plant (no xue)
    • -floating and large. floating and deep level can be felt, middle is empty
    • -blood vessel is soft and limp
    • -blood desertion, loss of blood
    • -serious blood xu
    • -essence loss (seminal fluid)
  6. soggy pulse (soft)
    Ru Mai
    • -superficial, shallow, fine and soft, small, forceless
    • -lacks root...disappears on pressure
    • -qi and blood vacuity
    • -damp evil invading - qi and blood rush to surface, pulse is floating
    • -dampness oppresses (squashes) vessel - thin
  7. SOFT
    • Superficial
    • O
    • Forceless
    • Thin
  8. Scattered Pulse
    San Mai
    • -felt only on the superficial level : no root
    • -doesn't feel like wave...more like small dots, feels chaotic, uneven
    • -disappears with slight pressure
    • -scattered is original qi scattering
    • -Always serious condition - severe qi and blood xu, especially kidney qi xu
  9. Drumskin pulse (leather)
    Ge Mai
    • -floating, wiry (string like), hard and tight on outside and empty within
    • -felt hard and straight on light pressure, feels empty on heavy pressure
    • -blood collapse, loss of blood, massive bleeding
    • -kidney yang xu with loss of essence, frequent nocturnal emission
  10. Deep Pulse
    Chen Mai
    • -felt clearly only on heavy pressure, felt near sinew and bone
    • -more normal in winter
    • -internal disorders
    • -can indicate internal repletion or vacuity
  11. Hidden pulse
    Fu Mai
    • -felt extremely deep, must apply considerable pressure and pushing of tendon and bone to begin to feel it clearly
    • -vacuity : extreme yang vacuity (yang cannot raise pulse)
    • -repletion - cold obstruction of channels and vessels, extreme pain
  12. confined pulse
    Lao Mai
    • -felt only with heavy pressing at deep level
    • -felt as if tied to bone, wiry, long, replete (wiry at very deep level)
    • -opposite of drumskin pulse
    • -replete, stubborn, difficult to treat patterns
    • -obstruction and stagnation due to cold or hard masses
  13. Confined Pulse is an _pulse
    • EXCESS
    • (it pushes back)
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