MT Ch 5

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  1. Stud (dogs)
    intact male
  2. Bitch(dog)
    intact female dog
  3. Whelp/pup (dogs)
    young dog
  4. Whelping(dogs)
    giving birth to pups
  5. pack (dogs)
    group of dogs
  6. Litter (dogs)
    multiple pups born in same litter
  7. Tom (cat)
    intact male
  8. Queen (cat)
    intact female
  9. buck (rabbit)
    intact male
  10. Doe (rabbit)
    intact female
  11. Kit (rabbit)
    young, blind deaf rabbit,
  12. Kindling (rabbit)
    giving birth to rabbits
  13. herd (rabbits)
    a group of rabbits
  14. Hob (ferret)
    inrtact male
  15. Jill (ferret)
    intct femal
  16. Gib (ferret)
    neartered male ferret
  17. Sprite (feret)
    spayed female ferret
  18. Kit (ferret)
    young ferret
  19. Kindling(ferret)
    giving birth to ferrets
  20. Boar (guinnea pig)
    intact male
  21. Sow (guinea pig)
    intact female
  22. pup(guinea pig)
    young guinea pig
  23. Sire (mouse or rat)
    intact male
  24. Dam (mouse or rat)
    intact female
  25. boar(pig)
    intact male
  26. Sow (pig)
    intact girl
  27. Barrow (pig)
    neurtered when young
  28. Gilt (pig)
    young female pig that has now farrowed
  29. pig/piglet/shoat
    baby pig
  30. farrowing
    having baby pigs
  31. herd (pigs)
    group of pigs
  32. stallion
    intact male horse
  33. mare
    intact female horse over 4
  34. Colt
    young male horse under 4, still intact
  35. Filly
    female horse uder age 4
  36. gelding
    neurtered male horse over 4 years of age
  37. Ridgeling
    one testical of an equine has not decended
  38. weanling
    young equine under 1 year of age
  39. yearling
    young equine between 1 and 2 years of age
  40. Foaling
    mare has baby
  41. herd
    group of horses
  42. brood mare
    breeding female
  43. maiden mare
    female horse never bred
  44. barren mare
    female mare who can not conceive
  45. pony
    equine under 14.2 hands
  46. jack (donkey)
    male intact donkey
  47. Jenny (donkey)
    intact female donkey
  48. mule
    horse and mule cross, female horse and male jack
  49. Hinny
    ofspring from a male horse and female jenny
  50. ram (sheep)
    intact male
  51. ewe
    intact female sheep
  52. wether
    male sheep/goat
  53. lamb
    young sheep
  54. yearling sheep
    sheep age 1-2
  55. flock
    group of sheep
  56. buck
    intact male goat
  57. doe
    intact female goat
  58. kid
    young goat
  59. kidding
    giving birth to goats
  60. freshining
    giving birth to dairy animals
  61. bull
    intact llama/cow
  62. cow
    intact female llama or cow
  63. gelding
    casteating llama
  64. cria
    young llama
  65. steer
    male cow
  66. heifer
    cow that has not had babys
  67. calving
    giving birth to calves
  68. freemartin
    sexually imperfect like sterile femal
  69. gomer bull/teaser bull
    bull used to detect feamales in heat
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