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  1. what is the definition of a PTA?
    the PTA is a technically educated health care provider who assists the PT in the provision of physical therapy. the PTA is a graduate of a PTA associate degree program accredited by the commission on accreditation in physical therapy education
  2. whos responsibility is it to perform the patients physical therapy evaluation?
    physical therapist
  3. many aspects of what may be delegated to the PTA?
    plan of care
  4. what is required of a pta after delegation of patient treatment after the initial eval?
    supervision and ongoing communication
  5. what factors are considered regarding delegation?
    education, experience, and responsibility
  6. who does the ultimate responsibility of PT services fall on??
    the physical therapist
  7. PT/PTA - interpretation of referrals when available?
  8. PT/PTA - initial exam, eval, problem identification, and diagnosis/prognosis?
  9. PT/PTA - development or modification of the plan of care which includes goals and expected outcomes?
  10. PT/PTA - determination of which tasks require the expertise and decision-making capacity of the PT, and must be personally rendered by the PT and which tasks may be delegated?
  11. who does the timely review of treatment documentation, re-examination of the patient and the patients treatment goals and revision of POC when indicated?
  12. who establishes the discharge plan and documentation of discharge summary/status?
  13. who is in charge of oversight of all documentation for services rendered to each patient?
  14. who may modify a certain procedure in accordance with changes inthe patients status within the scope of the established plan of care?
  15. who is competent to perform many aspects of patient care inclusive of measurement and assessment techniques?
  16. who is competent to carry out a plan of care based on well formulated goals with general instructions?
  17. who can work in a therapy setting, but has very limited education (on-site training), and extensive supervision?
    PT aide
  18. what is the definition of a physical therapy aide?
    non-licensed support person who performs designated tasks that do not require decision making or problem solving
  19. what defines physical therapy and the qualifications required for the use of title and practice
    practice acts
  20. what is utilized to provide standards and protect the public from harm?
  21. after what year was a masters degree (MA or MS) required for PTs?
  22. what date will the Doctors of PT be the required degree for PT programs?
    december 31, 2015
  23. what is the difference between PT and PTA programs?
    PT programs is more into the depth of theory, whereas PTA kind of brushes the surface of certain subjects (a&p, neuroanatomy, physics, research, pathiophysiology, neurology, and pharmacology)
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