Final Exam Review

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  1. Cautery
    destruction of tissue by burning
  2. Parenternal
    injection of liquid substance into the body via a route other than the alimentary canal
  3. Informed Consent
    consent given to the pt who is made aware of any procedures to be performed, the risks, outcomes and any alternatives.
  4. Suture
    Surgical material or thread; may describe the act of sewing with the thread and needle.
  5. Ratchets
    a mechanism consisting of a pawl that engages the sloping teeth of a wheel or bar, permitting motion in one direction
  6. Hilt
    Handle of a tool
  7. Wheal
    A small swelling on the skin
  8. Bevel
    slanted end of needle; also needs to be facing up when injecting
  9. Lumen
    the space within an artery, vein, intestine, needles and catheter or tube.
  10. Contaimination
    to make something unclean; making a sterile area unsterile.
  11. sublingual
    beneath or on the underside of the tongue.
  12. Which class schedule of drugs have no medicinal value?
    Schedule I
  13. PDR
    Physicians Desk Reference;published annually and supplements are available 2 times a year.
  14. Precipitate
    substance in the forn of fine particles that separates from a solution if allowed to stand for a time.
  15. Inscription
    part of a perscription containing the names and amounts of the ingredients
  16. dressings
    sterile gauze or other material applied directly to a wound to absorb secretions and to protect
  17. vial
    a small bottle that contains a drug (glass)
  18. gtts
  19. gr
  20. tabs
  21. IM
  22. ung
  23. qid
    4 times a day
  24. which schedule of drugs/medications have no medicinal value?
    Class 1 and illegal drugs
  25. Six rights of med. administration
    Drug, dose, documentation, route, time, patient
  26. What is the primary purpose of a Z track?
    Used for med's that are irritating to the SC tissue, used to get deep into the muscule, and used for med's that are deep colored.
  27. At what angle is an SC given? Why?
    45 degree angle, and to get into the fatty tissue.
  28. What injections do you aspirate on?
    IM delt, glute, vasuts, and SC
  29. What syringe is used for ID injection?
  30. 5 steps in correcting a med error.
    • 1. stay calm
    • 2. recognize error is made
    • 3. report to physician STAT
    • 4. Follow up with physician's orders to chart error.
    • 5. Document error, sign and date.
  31. How do you inject a medication if it is more then 5 cc's
    split into equal parts and inject
  32. descibe a scapel
    long metal object with blade at the end.
  33. mayo scissors
    scissors with a rounded end
  34. iris scissors
    scissors with a very sharp ends that are slanted or straight
  35. tissue forceps
    scissors with clamps at the end
  36. suture removal scissors
    scissors; one end is cup like the other is normal
  37. towel clamp
    sharp prongs
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