Trigeminal Nerve

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  1. What pharyngeal arch derivates are innervated by CN V?
    1st pharyngeal arch
  2. What is the trigeminal/Meckel's Cave and what is located within it?
    • Envagination of dura posterolateral to the cavernous sinus
    • Trigeminal Ganglion!
  3. What is located in within the trigeminal ganglion?
    Sensory nerve cell bodies - GSA
  4. What is the first branch of the Ophthalmic Nerve and what does it innervate?
    • Branch: Meningeal Branch
    • Supplies: Tentorium cerebelli and other posterior dura
  5. Prior to exiting through the SOF, where does the V1 pass through?
    Cavernous Sinus!
  6. What does V1 divide into after passing through the SOF?
    • Frontal Nerve
    • Larimal Nerve
    • Nasocilliary Nerve
  7. What are the divisons of the frontal nerve and what do they innervate?
    • Divions: Supraorbital, Supratrochlear
    • Innervate: Upper eye lid, forehead, bridge of the nose, and the central part of the anterior 2/3 of the scalp
  8. What does the lacrimal nerve innervate?
    Lateral portion of the eye: Lacrimal gland, conjunctiva, skin at the lateral margin of the orbit
  9. What eye sensory fibers are sent by the nasocilliary n.?
    • Long ciliary nerves
    • Ciliary Ganglion
    • Short ciliary nerves
  10. What structures are innervated by the posterior ethmoidal nerve?
    • Posterior ethmoidal air cells
    • Sphenoid Sinus
  11. What is innervated by the infratrochlear nerve?
    Medial part of the eye: skin, conjunctiva and lacrimal sac
  12. What structures are innervated by the anterior ethmoidal nerve?
    • Anterior dura
    • Mucosa of anterior ethmoidal air cells
    • Frontal Sinus
    • Anterior part of the nasal cavity
    • Skin of the distal part of the dorsum of the nose
  13. What is the first branch of the maxillary nerve prior to exiting through foramen rotundum?
    Middle Meningeal Nerve
  14. What does the maxillary nerve pass through after leaving FR?
    Pterygopalatine fossa
  15. What branches come out of hte pterygopalatine ganglion?
    • Nasopalatine
    • Greater Palatine
    • Lesser Palatine
    • Posterior superior lateral nasal nerves
  16. What is innervated by the sensory nerves passing through the pterygopalatine galglion (V2 nerves, no synapse)?
    • Nasopharynx
    • Nasal Cavity
    • Sphenoid Sinus
    • Ethmoidal Air cells
    • Palate (soft and hard)
  17. What does the zygomatic nerve innervate?
    • Skin of anterior sygomatic
    • Skin fo anterior temproal region
  18. What innarves the teeth, gums and the maxillary sinus?
    Posterior, middle, anterior: Superior alveolar nerve
  19. What type of sensory innervation is given to nerves that contain the branchiomotor component?
    Proprioceptive sensory fibers
  20. What ganglion is associated with the mandibular nerve (v3)?
    • Otic Ganglion
    • Submandibular ganglion
  21. What is the otic ganglion functionally and physically associated to?
    • Functionally: Glossopharyngeal Nerve
    • Physically: V3
  22. What 2 branches arise from V3 in the maint runk?
    • Spinous nerve
    • Medial Pterygoid Nerve
  23. What is the path of the spinous nerve?
    • Exits through foramen ovale
    • Reenters through foramen spinosum
  24. What does the medial pterygoid nerve innervate?
    • Medial Pterygoid muscle
    • Tensor Veli Palatini
    • Tensor Tympani
  25. What do the anterior division branches of V3 supply?
    • Motor/Sensory: Masseter, temporalis, lateral pterygoid
    • Sensory: Buccal nerve
  26. What does the buccal nerve innervate?
    Cheek mucosa and adjacent gingiva
  27. What is the path of the auricotemporal nerve, what does it travel with, and what does it innervate?
    • Path: Arround middle meningeal artery
    • Travels: With parasympathetic fibers from otic ganglion and sympathetic fibers from mdidle meningeal plexus
    • Innervates: Parotid gland, tempperomandibular joint, external acoustic meatus, exterior surface of tympanic membrane, superficial temporal region
  28. What does the lingual nerve innervate and what joins it?
    • Innervates: General sensation to anterior 2/3 of tongue
    • Joined by: Chorada tympani branch of facial nerve
  29. What goes through the submandibular ganglion?
    • Lingual nerve
    • Chorda Typani branch for anterior 2/3 of taste
    • To innervate: Submandibular and sublignaul salivary glands
  30. Where does the inferior alveolar nerve innervate?
    • Mandibular teeth
    • Gums
  31. What does the mental branch exit through and innervate?
    • Exits: Mental foramen
    • Innervates: Skin of chin, lower lip, adjacent mucosa
  32. What is the final branch of the posterior division of V3?
    • Mylohyoid nerve
    • Innervates: Mylohyoid, anterior belly of digastric
  33. An inferior alveolar nerve block is difficult, why?
    Lingula is in the way
  34. For local anesthesia of face, what's used?
    Infraorbital foramen
  35. If an anerysum of internal carotid is located near the foramen lacerum, what parts of the trigeminal nerve are affected?
    All 3!
  36. If an anerysum of the internal carotid is located inferior to the anterior clinoid process, what part of V is affected?
  37. What is the pterygopalatine ganglion functionally related to?
    Facial nerve
  38. What is trigeminal neuralgia and its other name?
    • Other name: Tic Douloureux
    • Characterized by: Excuciating pain along one or more branches of V
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