India Art

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  1. urna
    dot on buddha,denotes caste (third eye)
  2. ushnisha
    bump on buddha's head= wisdom
  3. mundra
    hand gestures ( not only on buddha but hindu gods)
  4. Mithuna
    Loving couple associated w/ buddhism
  5. Stupa
    created to house remains of buddha then became commorative
  6. sattvic
  7. ragastic
  8. tamasic
  9. chaitya hall
    sacred hall
  10. Ajanta Caves
    used for a community of monks
  11. ellora
    33 temples or caves made of volcanic rock, buddist, janist, and hindu tamples created in only 22 years
  12. Krishna
    • hindu god
    • youth- butter thief
    • adult-lady thief
    • naughty god
  13. mathuran buddha
    • red sand stone
    • clinging sanghati
    • large ushnisha
  14. Gandaharan buddha
    • made of schist
    • many folds in sanghati
    • form beneath fabric showed in belly
    • long angular nose
    • pointy chin
  15. Amaravati buddha
    • heavy curves
    • broad nose
    • full lips
    • (sensual)
    • fleshy face
  16. Devi
    mother goddess of hindu
  17. Vishnu
    Hindu god, pressurver of life
  18. Caste
    level in society
  19. Yakshi/Yaksha
    first human representation associated with budhism
  20. Bodhisattva
    individual who could have obtained nirvana but chose to gie it up to help others
  21. Mahayna
    allowed for human representation
  22. Rasa
    flavor or emotion being displayed
  23. Nagara
    North temple
  24. Pallava
    South temple
  25. Prana
    Breath of life (dance)
  26. Jataka
    stories of buddha's life told via aniconic symbols mostly animals
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